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Our Telugu audience gave me a special place in their heart, I'm the 'King' here-Nagarjuna


Andhra ‘Manmadhudu’, is also a ‘Majnu’, a ‘Siva’, a ‘Killer’, a ‘Criminal’, a ‘Mass’ a ‘Boss’, a ‘Don’, a ‘King’ and not to forget him as an ‘Annamayya’ and ‘Sree Ramadasu’. With so many different roles in his 25 years of film career, Nagarjuna, an all rounder, won numerous awards including two National Awards and five Nandi Awards. The proud father who discovered his children’s path to success is going to celebrate his 51st birthday on August 29th. Here are some excerpts from the interview given by him:

Well, all through the year you have been enjoying the successes of Akhil and Naga Chaitanya.  Is there anything special about your birthday this year?

Yes, I was very happy to see Akhil’s performance in star cricket match.  I’m also happy for Naga Chaitanya who got a well deserved success. So far I’ve been doing one film a year, but this year I’ve signed four films.  Hence for the next one year I’ll be busy with all of them.  This is the specialty of this birthday.    

What is your idea behind accepting so many films at a time?
I’ve two purposes behind this.  Firstly, not to create an impression to makers that heroes are sitting idle and are available as per their required time. Secondly, by doing multiple films, we will keep the 24 frames busy throughout the year, which means I would be helping many workers to earn their daily bread.  In this way everyone in the industry will be happy.

You seem to be experimenting with ‘Gaganam’.  What do you say?
No, this is not true.  ‘Gaganam’ is a very different film with unique concept.  It is sure to be a land mark film in Telugu cinema. It’s a thriller film that will engage the audience’s curiosity and urge them to stick around till the finish to find out what it was about. This kind of films may appeal to one segment of audience but it certainly gives freshness to Telugu cinema.

Can you give us a hint about your next film with Veeru Potla?
It’s an action film being shot in a stylish manner.  Veeru Potla is an excellent director and is brilliantly crafting the film with a new storyline.  

We learnt that you speak in Rayalaseema accent in this film?  
Yes, it’s true that the dialogues in this film are in Rayalaseema accent.  But that doesn’t mean it is a faction film. It’s yet another different film with new concept. You will understand when you watch it on silver screen.  

Is the film titled ‘Ragada’?

I want to make one thing very clear to the media. The websites are predicting some titles and publish it even before the official announcement is made. So this time, we will proceed with titles decided by us, despite the media publishing unofficially announced titles.

What in ‘Rajanna’ impressed you to produce it?
Vijayendra Prasad’s script has impressed me immensely.  It has a powerful story and screenplay.  I learnt that he did not find any producer to direct this film for the past 7 years.  For quite some time I was also waiting for the right script to come my way to produce under Annapoorna Studios banner and I got it.

Is Rajamouli directing action sequences in this film?
Yes, he is directing few action scenes.
You are made to speak Telangana accent in ‘Rajanna’, right?


Are these differences in accent causing you problem while shooting?
Since I was born and brought up in Hyderabad, speaking in Teangana accent is not at all a problem for me.  At the same time Rayalaseema language also is not as difficult as I thought before, because I’ve someone who will clear my doubts whenever I get any.  

What made you agree for a Tamil film with Ajith?
For quite some time I was longing to do a multi-starrer film in Tollywood.  But since I got a good opportunity to do one in Tamil, I’m doing it.  

Most of the heroes opine that due to lack of good stories, Tollywood is unable to see multi-starrer films.  What is you think about this?
It is not because there are no good stories but it is true that no one is showing interest in multi-starrer films.   

You were cent percent sure that Naga Chaitanya’s ‘Ye Maya Chesave’ would become a huge hit.  How did you predict that?

‘Ye Maya Chesave’ reminded me of ‘Geetanjali’ each time I watched it.  It’s a feel good film that touched my heart.  The story gave me the confidence that the film would be a big hit.

What was your feeling when YMC became a big success?
As a father to Naga Chaitanya I felt very happy for him since he realized that his hard work only gave him the fruitful results. Right now he is busy with two films. He is learning many lessons at this tender age.  I’m very happy to see him that way.

Any plans on introducing Naga Chaitanya to Tamil film industry?

Chaitu grew up watching Tamil films and he is also interested in doing it.  I do not mind if any producer or director is willing to do a Tamil film with him. But I’ve no plans to introduce him to Tamil industry by producing a film.  

You have acquired an image of your own in Bollywood too.  Are you open to do films there once again?
Our Telugu audience gave me a special place in their heart.  So why should I even think of going elsewhere when I’m the ‘King’ here.




Updated on April 25, 2020