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A"Hai re Hai, Jaam Pandu roi…" By now you must have guessed who the tempting fruit is in this song. It is none other than Sanghavi, who looks like a traditional Telugu woman in a saree and a highly sophisticated young lady in western outfit. I just said "Hi" to her and she came with a smiling face to sit with me and share a long chat. Aren't you interested to know about what we spoke? Here comes my questions and her wonderful answers

Sanghavi, What are your hobbies ?
Listening to music, watching TV, if time permits, sitting before the computer and so keep myself preoccupied.

How many movies have you acted in ?
I have acted in 60-70 pictures in all languages.

Who are your favorite hero & heroines ?
Amirkhan, Sridevi.

By the way, What are your qualifications ?
Upto 9th class.

Which one is the best film of yours ?
I liked all the pictures I acted in. Particularly, pictures like Sindhuram, Ahaa, Samarasimhareddy, have brought me a good recognition.

Where is your native place ?

What do your parents do ?
My dad is a Doctor and my mom is a house wife.

The movies in which you have acted as a lead heroine are very few, Why ?
May be you are right. But almost all the movies that I have acted in have brought recognition and fame to me.

Are you in love with somebody ?
Yes, I am.

Who is it ?
My films and my parents.

Oh No! No! Not that love, the other love ?
Ok! Ok! I understand, love is a nice feeling. With love I can achieve anything. But so far, I have not come across such a person.

Do you like friends a lot ?
I love friends. I t is only with friends that one can share all their feelings.

Generally, Heroines hesitate to reveal their date of birth, what about you ?
Oh no! I have no such problem. My DOB is on 4th of October.

What about the year of birth ?
She escaped to answering question with a mischievous smile and said "Keep it a suspense for some time".

Updated on July 18, 2005