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Want to give opportunity to new directors - 'Mantra' fame Ravi Prakash


Suspense thriller ‘Mantra’ starring Charmi and Shivaji in central roles was a super success movie written and produced by Ravi Prakash under the direction of Tulasi Ram. On the eve of completion of 5 years of its release on December 14th, 2012, producer Ravi Prakash organised a press meet and shared his views about the film. Here are few excerpts:

None of my scripts impressed the producers
I was basically a software employee. I had great passion for film direction right from my college days.  I love to study people and like to share my knowledge with the audience.   Hence I entered the movie industry with six scripts in my hand. But unfortunately none of them could impress any producer.  Later I worked on the new script for a month and even decided to produce it by myself.  That’s how ‘Mantra’ was born. 

I struggled a lot to complete and release Mantra
Routine love stories are very common in Indian cinema.  So I wanted to try something new and thus wrote the script of ‘Mantra’ and introduced Tulasi Ram as director by providing him the story and screenplay.  We struggled a lot to complete and release the film.  However, the movie turned out to be a big hit and even completed 5 years successfully.  I’m very happy to note that.

Best compliment for ‘Mantra’ was from Krishna Vamsi
The best compliment I got for my film ‘Mantra’ was from Krishna Vamsi.  Soon after watching the film he called me and said, “I too wanted to do a thriller movie.”  Similarly Rajamouli garu also gave special appreciations.  The two Nandi awards for this film gave me a feeling of achieving something big in life.

I was not even 25 when ‘Mantra’ got released
When asked why he took a break of 5 years, he replied: The gap of five years was due to my chase for other producers asking for opportunity to direct a film.  I was not even 25 when ‘Mantra’ got released.  Now I’m confident that I can do better films with the kind of experience I got through ‘Mantra’.  The artists for my forthcoming films are all fresh faces. 

No more thriller movies
I’ll not make any more thriller movies.  After ‘Mantra’, Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Raksha’ scared me a lot.  Therefore I decided not to do films that would scare people.  Hereafter all my films will be youthful entertainers.  My target is to complete 5 films in coming two years.  I’m going to launch three films in January.

I was only the one looking for an opportunity to direct a film
Most of the technicians who worked for ‘Mantra’ have well settled in the industry. Kalyan who co-produced ‘Mantra’, did a film ‘Diary’ with Shivaji and Tulasi Ram directed yet another thriller ‘Mangala’ again with Charmi.  I was the only one looking for the opportunity to become a director.  I never attempted any other film after ‘Mantra’.

I want to give opportunities to new directors
I couldn’t convince any producer because I don’t know to give false promises like I’ll show the entire movie for Rs 10.  I don’t like to cheat producers with fake sentiments.  No more attempts on direction.  I’ve decided to give opportunities to new directors.

Mantra proved its quality in many ways
‘Mantra’ is the only film in Sudarshan Theater which was screened four shows as long as it ran in the theater.  The theater staff had personally informed me about that.  Although the movie got delayed, it has proved its quality in many ways.

My new film with Sampath will be launched in January
Speaking about future projects he said, “I’m going to launch a film in January for which Sampath, (worked as an associate for YVS Chowdary) will be the director.  I will announce details of two more films later.  All films which I’ll be launching in January will be on the backdrop of comedy, family drama and love.

My goal is to become rich
He concluded saying, “My goal is become rich.  My parents are my inspiration.  My wish of becoming a director could not be fulfilled.  But I’m very happy to have become 100% successful with one film, as producer to ‘Mantra’.  I hope the audience will encourage me by watching my films in future.

Updated on December 14, 2012