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Sevakudu is the best answer for corruption - V Samudra


Srikanth and Charmi starrer ‘Sevakudu’ is releasing on January 4th. On this occasion director V Samudra, who crafted the film organised a press meet today (January 2nd) to express his views about the film. Here are few excerpts:

Sevakudu is the best answer for corruption
Sevakudu is the best answer to those who are saving the illegally earned money in Swiss Banks despite being born, grown-up, earn and finally breath their last in this land.  It’s about a young man who tries to achieve his father’s goal of changing the police system. A head constable can’t withstand the police department which is fully corrupted. Although he wants to change the system, he fails to do so and thus try to achieve his goal through his son.  In the process he will raise his son in the police atmosphere instead of family atmosphere.  Hero Suryam (Srikanth) will come to a conclusion that the society will not change unless there is a change in police system.  It’s a social movie inspired by the real life incidents. Swamy provided the script for this film.  He developed the story after researching and gathering information about the politicians, contractors, government servants and those who practice cash bribes and corruption and save the illegal money in the Swiss Banks.

Srikanth’s performance and dialogues are main highlightsV Samudra on Sevakudu
Story and screenplay are the main highlights of ‘Sevakudu’. The title itself is a big asset to the film.  Srikanth’s performance and dialogues as well as Charmi’s performance are yet another attraction.  I designed Srikanth’s character so powerful in lines with NTR in ‘Bobbili Puli’, Chiranjeevi in ‘Tagore’ and Rajasekhar in ‘Evadaithe Nakenti’. Nasser essayed Srikanth’s father in this film.  Apart from this Krishna garu and Manjula will be seen as father and daughter in this film.”

Krishna delivers Mahesh Babu’s dialogues in ‘Pokiri’
About Krishna’s character in the film: Krishna garu played world’s 5th richest man.  He who settles in USA returns to India to develop his mother land Vijayawada and later learns that he has to bribe even for the good cause.  He lived with the character which makes effort to serve the people with the support of ‘Sevakudu’.  His character and dialogues are just amazing and reminds us of his dialogues in olden days. His introduction part is excellent.  The highlight is that he delivers Mahesh Babu’s dialogues in ‘Pokiri’ like “Bhayam ante ento teliyani blood ra naadi.  Okka saari commit ayithe na maata nene vinanu”. These dialogues are sure to make the audience clap and whistle when Krishna garu delivers on silver screen.”

Sevakudu will satisfy me overall
‘Sevakudu’ will definitely be a film that would give me complete job satisfaction.  There are scenes like rapists being hung and corrupted being hit by chappals and stones which otherwise happens in reality.  The film also sends a small message to the audience saying that if our law is disciplined there is no space for these kind of incidents to happen.  This movie will definitely surpass films like ‘Simharasi’ and ‘Evadaithe Nakenti’ and will become the pride of India. I’m very confident that the movie will cent percent satisfy me by aggravating emotions in every Indian.”

He concluded saying, “Naayak and Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu that are releasing this month are like two lions.  But nevertheless our movie will stand as a lion in between them.”

Updated on April 25, 2020