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As soon as we see the smiling face, everyone wants to talk to her. Her name is Rakshita. She is introduced to Telugu film industry in the movie Idiot. When Ragalahari went and interviewed her, she told many things and lets see these.

Rakshita, Please tell us about your studies?
I did my schooling in Mumbai. I continued my college studies in Bangalore. I did B.C.A and then B.A., Correspondence course. I enjoyed my college life with all my friends. Now when I said that I became a heroine, they laughed at me. They are all very jovial.

Which type of friends do you like the most?
I will tell you the truth. I have more boy friends than girl friends. I just have 2 or 3 girl friends, remaining are al boys. I play sports with them. I prefer the friends who like my mentality and act according to me. I will accept that type of people as my friends.

Your family background?
My mother Mamatha is a housewife, father Raj Kumar is a cinematographer. My mother is also an actress once upon a time.

What about your family support?
As my father is a professional cinematographer, in the beginning he was not interested. Because he knows how a heroine will be in front of the camera, how people will comment. So keeping in view these points he was not interested. First time I got a chance in the Kannada movie Appu. My mother didn't restrict me. My father gave me a lot of suggestions and encouragement by telling me how to face the camera, what type of technique should we use, about the behavior. I know the mentality of my family members. They will see to it that I don't have any problem.

How did you get the interest to act in the movies?
It was not my childhood dream. During my college life also I never thought of becoming a heroine. I got my first chance in Appu. So I asked my family whether I should accept it or not. They said OK. So I accepted the offer. Appu was a big hit in Kannada.

Do you like traditional or modern dresses?
I usually wear jeans, short T-Shirts. I prefer wearing sarees for some particular functions. I prefer wearing dresses which suit the occasion. I like all types of dresses.

Your Date of Birth.
March 31st, don't ask me anything beyond this.

How did you get a chance to do a Telugu movie?
Puri Jagannath is a good friend of mine. I met him once when I was doing my Kannada film, that is the first time I saw him. He came to me and asked me the questions like a reporter as to which color do you like, which director do you like etc., I thought that he was reporter. After that the director of my film came and introduced him to me. Then I came to know that he too was a director. So I got a chance in Telugu Movie like that.

Aren't you facing any language problem?
In the starting, it really was a problem for me, I used to translate the dialogues to English. In this issue, director Jagan and Hero Ravi Teja helped me a lot. So that is the reason why I don't treat this as a problem now.

Do you feel comfortable in this new atmosphere?
As I know Jagan before only, I feel very comfortable here. I am enjoying acting also. The whole unit of Idiot is very jovial and friendly. I am very comfortable in doing a Telugu movie.

What are your terms with Ravi Teja?
He is a good friend of mine. He explains almost each and every dialogue to me. He is a very jovial person. I talk to him through phone chatting with him when I am in Bangalore. Even I don't know that Ravi was a Hero in the beginning. When he used to look at me I wondered as to who he is in the beginning.

Your ambition?
My first picture in Kannada, Appu was a big hit. Now I am doing in Telugu. I don't know whether the people here will like me or not. I want to be the top heroine in any language.

Do you feel that you have any negative points?
In every person there will be both good and bad. That is the nature of a person. When I am angry with some one, I hurt them quickly. I am very short tempered. I am not able to control it and not able to change.

What are the positive points in you?
The people who see me gave me a compliment that I have beautiful eyes. If this point attracts all the people, then may be that is the positive point in me.

Do you have any dream role?
I want to act in art movies. I want to give a good message to people through my movies. I like the role played by Tabu in the movie Asthitva. I want to do that type of characters.

Your opinion about love?
Love is Beautiful…. that's all.

Which type of marriage do you prefer, whether arranged or love marriage?
I like love marriage. We should fall in love for at least one second in life. At present I don't have any love affairs.

You say you like love marriage, so what do you prefer in a man?
Physic in the sense, it should be natural. Coming to mentality, both of us should have a basic understanding. After marriage we should be like good friends. I can't bear when he loves some one else other than me.

If you get a chance to do a negative role…
I will not accept at any cost. Not only that, I don't like to act in the movies with two heroines. I just like to act as a heroine, that's all.

Is there any thing that you don't like in acting?
At present I am just doing my third movie. So I don't have a full knowledge about acting. There is nothing that I don't like, may be I will know that after acting in some more movies.

In which movies did you acted?
Appu, Dum. These two are Kannada movies and my third picture is Idiot.

Your hobbies?
Reading, swimming and listening to music.

How are the chances in Telugu?
While acting in Idiot, many producers saw me and contacted Jagan. So chances are good. At present I didn't accept any movies in Telugu.

Which type of food do you like the most?
I like Chinese food very much.

How is the Telugu film industry?
I liked Telugu film industry very much. Work is also going on very fast here.

Do you agree to expose?
Generally I wear jeans and T-shirts. I don't treat it as exposing. Even college girls do wear them. There will be some type of dresses, which are very vulgar. I don't agree for that. Anything should be in limits. I will follow the same in my movies.

Your favorite hero and heroines?
Rajkumar, Kannada Ravi Chandra, Ajith, Madhuri Dixit, Pavan Kalyan and Tarun.

Did you do any course in acting?
No. It is an inherent quality.

What is the effect of jealousy on a person or an actor?
Criticism will definitely show its effect. After becoming a heroine, every one will be watching us and we can't move freely. Comments will be passed on everything we do. We should bear all this when we have the responsibility of a heroine.

Updated on July 18, 2005