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Tarak is keen to do Adhurs 2 - VV Vinayak


Jeeps flying into the air will only remind us of director VV Vinayak. Such was the impact created by Vinayak with which he carved a trade mark for him. Success rate for his films is also high. He is the man who knows the mass pulse. Hence he is able to carve action entertainers and increase their stamina at the box-office. His latest film is Bellamkonda Suresh’s son, Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas’s maiden film. On the eve of his birthday today (October 9th), Vinayak took some time out to share his views with the media. Here are few excerpts:

‘Naayak’ was released almost 10 months ago.  Is there any reason for so much of gap?VV Vinayak birthday interview
I’ve never done films hurriedly.  I always think of a good script and start the next project after the completion of each film.

Can you share your association with Bellamkonda Suresh?
Bellamkonda Suresh trusted me and gave the film ‘Aadi’.  He handed over the entire responsibility to me and never interfered in anything regarding the film.  He is one of those producers who gave so much freedom to a director, and I think I’m the only director who got so much freedom also.

Okay, can you give us some idea about your film with Bellamkonda’s son?
Bellamkonda gave me the responsibility of introducing his son Sai as hero.  While introducing a new hero, we usually do the film with fear in mind that the hero should get a good life.  So we are doing this film after thinking for atleast 1-10 times.  We are also taking extra care in each and every aspect of the film.  There is no message in this film.  The hero will have a goal and how he reaches it is the movie about. The hero’s character is being designed as a responsible person and not the one who chases the heroine.  Regular shooting will start from 20th onwards.  We will start the shooting with a song.  Script is ready.  This movie will be a big plus to Sai’s career.  Samantha is the heroine.  Devisri Prasad is rendering music.  It’s a high budget movie.  It will be a grand film, just the way a big hero’s movie looks like.

Muhurat for this film was held long ago. What could be the reason for starting the regular shooting so late?
We were not satisfied with the script which we earlier decided.  So we have changed the script.  Hence this delay!

You know Sai right from his childhood.  What qualities in him impressed you most?
There are several things which I like in Sai.  He never shows off the attitude like ‘I’m hero and my father is producer’.  He does everything with determination.  His goal remained the same from his childhood, which is to become a hero.  We did few video shots.  He gave excellent performance.  He is sure to become a big hero soon.

Is there any chance of doing films with new talent in near future?
Yes, there is.  Many new directors are coming out with new concepts.  So there is more scope of continuation of the same trend.

Many directors are turning producers.  Do you also have an idea to become one?
No, I don’t have any such plans as of now.  But I will show a way to those who come to me with new scripts.  I consider Dil Raju, Bellamkonda Suresh and Bujji’s banners as my own.  So if I come across any good scripts I recommend those to them.

What kind of films do you watch?
I watch all types of films, mostly Maniratnam’s.  I also like to watch action films and also to direct.

VV Vinayak birthday interviewWon’t you want to do any experiments?
I’m scared of experiments.  I only think of not causing loss to my producers who make films by trusting me.  That’s the reason why I never even think of such attempts.

Is it true that you can’t take it if a film misfires?
Yes, I can’t deal even small issues and go off into depression.  My father also scolded me several times in this matter.

Do you have any idea of stepping into Bollywood?
I got many offers in Hindi long ago.  But I couldn’t accept them due to my busy schedules at that time.

How true is it that you are doing a film with Nagarjuna?
A movie was planned with Nagarjuna some time ago.  However it did not materialize.  We might work together in near future.

Are you interested in mass cinema only?
I do mass films because even class audiences like mass oriented films.

What is your comment on speculations about your entry into politics?
My family is associated with political circle.  Kodali Nani garu is popular in politics, hence people thought that I would also enter politics.  But I’ve no such thoughts in mind till now. I don’t know, I might change my mind in future.  I accepted what has come into my life till now.  So I keep thanking God every day.

When are you going to do a film with NTR again?
It might be after this film.

Do you have any idea of directing Chiranjeevi’s 150th film?
Right now Chiranjeevi garu is not in a position to do a film.  If he approaches me after he takes a decision, then I’ll definitely do.

Do you have plans to do a sequel for any of your films?
Tarak is keen to do ‘Adhurs 2’.  If all goes well, we will go ahead with it.

Updated on April 24, 2020