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Director Rajesh M Selva Interview


Universal Hero Kamal Haasan as the lead, ‘Cheekati Rajyam’ is being made under Raajkamal Films International banner. Prakash Raj, Trisha, Kishore and Sampath are playing major roles. The film is being made under Rajesh M Selva direction with N Chandra Haasan as producer. Right now, the film’s shooting is going on in Hyderabad. On this occasion, an interview has been given by the director Rajesh M Selva. Here are few excerpts from his interview.

Please tell us about yourself?
I’m a Telugu guy. My mother’s hometown is a small village near Nellore. But, we settled in Chennai since long time and therefore I can’t speak Telugu fluently except understanding.

How did you entered into film industry?
My journey was started in 2008 as the third assistant director under Raajkamal Films International. It is continuing till now. Now, I got the opportunity to direct him. I think Kamal garu has now felt that my learning is over and I’m fit for directing him. I have to prove myself through this film what I’ve learned from him all these seven years. I’ve the confidence that I can prove myself.

How is it like directing your guru Kamal Haasan?
I can’t say it in words. I like Raajkamal Films banner which delivers good films with passion irrespective of results. That’s why I continued in that banner. Even I didn’t expect that I will direct this film. Kamal Haasan garu approached me and asked me to direct this film if I was ready to handle the direction department. Explaining Kamal Haasan’s support in words might be an understatement. I worked as a director under him. When he is intruding me as director, it is all like dream to me.

Could you brief a little bit about Kamal’s characterization?
The film will have a blend of all elements such as action, romance, family drama and thrilling moments. The film will reach all audience along with Kamal’s fans. Of late Kamal Haasan garu has not done this genre.

The film is being shot in which locations?
The film is being shot at several beautiful locations of Hyderabad. Huge action sequences were filmed at Tolichowki, while chasing sequences were filmed at ring road. Right now, the shooting is going on at katriya. After completing 70% shooting part here, we fly to Kerala for shooting the Tamil version.

Tell us about action sequences?
French Action Choreographers - Gilles Conseil, Silivain Gabet and Virginie Arnaud are working for this film. Fight sequences are being canned under the supervision of them. Ramesh is giving his support to them. Of late kamal garu has not done such type of roles. You will see Kamal Haasan in a new look.

Can you tell us about Trisha’s character in the film?
Thrisha did a different role in the film. Her role in the film is totally away from all the roles which she has done so far.

Tell us about your working experience with Sanu Varughese?
Earlier I’ve worked with Sanu Varughese for the film ‘Viswaroopam’. He became busy cinematographer. We were unable to reach him for the film ‘Uttama Villain’ also. We waited for some days for him regarding this film.

How was Kamal’s support in the shooting location?
I’ve a good relationship with Kamal. He is giving full support. For example, immediately after coming to the spot, he used to sit in the carry van. After 3 days shoot, I’ve shown him the rushes by doing online editing. He said, “You are going in a correct way. Go ahead.” Those words have boosted my confidence levels. In director’s point of view, he is an amazing actor. Explaining Kamal Haasan’s support in words might be an understatement.

There is a buzz in the industry that Kamal turned as a makeup man for this film. What is your comment on that? 
Actually, it was my mistake. At first we have ordered for prosthetic makeup. Makeup for some characters were remained. Makeup men in our team are not efficient in prosthetic makeup. Immediately I told the matter to Kamal Haasan. He said not to worry. The next day, he did make up for Prakash Raj and Thrisha. That’s his greatness.

One final question. When do the film releases?
Director Rajesh M Selva concluded his interview saying, “‘Cheekati Rajyam’ is being made in two languages-Telugu and Tamil. At present, 70% shooting has been completed. After completing all formalities, we are planning to release the film in November or December.”  

Updated on April 21, 2020