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Sundeep Kishan Interview on Tiger


Sundeep Kishan is rising day by day. He is high on confidence quotient. He believes in the concept of slow and steady. And that is why he stayed away from the routine and always strive for new stories. An interview was taken with Sundeep Kishan as his latest film ‘Tiger’ is releasing on June 26th.

Didn’t you felt that the title ‘Tiger’ is too powerful?
In Tamil, they thought of naming it ‘Akbar’. But we felt that it won’t suit in Telugu and during the time we came across the title in newspaper and we felt that it is apt to the story. True, the title is powerful, but tiger is not wild all the times.

By the way, who is the tiger in this film? And what does it do?

I’m the tiger in this film. I was brought up in an orphanage. In this film, I’m an orphan and I named myself tiger after watching a dialogue in Chiranjeevi starrer ‘Lankeswarudu’. That is the history behind my name in the film.

Two heroines. What’s the story? 
A girl in between two friends…that’s the story. The story revolves around three characters. It is based on the real life incidents that happened in North India. The guy will walk away from those who force him to choose between love and friendship. Because, both he wants equally. What twists and turns he has to face with the both relations is the story of the film ‘Tiger’.

Tell us about your co-star Rahul Ravindran?
He did a wonderful role in this film. He is a good friend of mine. I’m very happy that he was very impressed by the script and accepted to act in this.

There is a buzz that Murugudas wanted to do this film?
Yes, our director Anand is the disciple of Murugudas. At first Anand has narrated the script to Murugudas. He was very impressed and wanted to do this. But, during the time, Vikram’s film was being made under his production. I too was very impressed with the script and I convinced Madhu garu and we went ahead. Anand has made the film in such a way that everyone can understand this intelligent story.

Has Murugudas intervened in the film?
He suggested some minimal changes in the script. He was excited after watching the partly completed rush.

Tell us about the plus points in the film?
First plus is the story. Next our three characters and there is great importance for emotions. Chota’s camera handling and Thaman’s music will become highlights for the film. ‘Tiger’ is not a regular commercial film. The story will be very new from starting to the end of the film.

What is your next project that we can look forward to?
Presently, I’m doing a Tamil film under Studio Green banner. Meanwhile, I’m doing one Telugu film also under 14 Reels Entertainments banner.

Updated on April 21, 2020