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‘I became very tense to narrate the script to Dil Raju’ - Ravi Varma Namburi


Another young write Ravi Varma Namburi is making his Tollywood debut to prove his pen power. Ravi Varma, who is a software engineer, has great passion for films. He keeps doing his job and keeps making short films side by side. With that experience he obtained the opportunity as writer in feature film. Here is an interview of him where he shared how he got into films and how he got the opportunity as writer in ‘Rojulu Marayi’ and many more.

How did you get into films?
I keep writing poetry while I was doing software engineer job. By seeing my poetry, my friends suggested me to make short films. I have made two short films. When I was doing dubbing works, one of the technicians of the short film was very impressed by my dialogues and introduced me to Murali garu the director of ‘Rojulu Marayi’. Murali garu introduced me to Maruthi garu. Maruthi garu has narrated me the script and asked me to pen dialogues for the first half. After seeing the dialogues, he was very much impressed.  Like that I entered into the film industry.

Tell us about your working experience? 
Maruthi garu asked me to narrate the script to Dil Raju garu. I became very tense to narrate the script to such big producer. But, he already read the first half which I penned. After listening to the script, he made few changes and okeyed it.

Could you brief a little about the story of the film?
Horoscope plays key role in the film. The film shows how the horoscope turns the lives of two girls. Though the ‘Rojulu Marayi’ is a youthful entertainer, it also impresses family audience.

Tell us about your past experience?
Earlier, I have worked for many films as a writer. I got the title credit for the films like ‘Sarainodu’ and ‘Brother of Bommali’. Even though, I worked as ghost-writer for many film, this is my first film as full-fledged writer. So far I continued my software job and keep working for films. Now offers poured on me and I got support also and therefore I resigned my job. Now all my concentration is on films,” he added.

Who is the inspiration behind you?
I brought up watching Jandhyala garu’s films. After Jandhyala, my favourite writer is Trivikram garu. I would say their impact is there on me. But, it doesn’t mean that I will copy them.

How did you get the opportunity in the film industry?
I believe that we should be talented and lady luck must also favour us, to get the opportunities in film industry.  In my case lady luck favoured me.

Updated on April 21, 2020