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Ritu Varma Interview on Pelli Choopulu


Suddenly she has become the talk of the town. Why not? Her recent release Pelli Choopulu is getting bigger and bigger by the day. An interview with actress Ritu Varma.

The response for Pelli Choopulu has been massive...
Yes! I knew that this project is a huge one, but this kind of response was not expected. For me this is the greatest recognition. I am living the moment and loving it as well.

Good things have been written and said about your character in the film. 
People have been messaging me about this. Many have said that they see themselves in my role. I thank my director Tharun for writing such a powerful role which has touched many people.

Was it difficult to perform in such a role? 
Not really. There were workshops which helped me to understand my character. Since the film was shot in sync sound, everything had to be right. No error was permitted.

How did this role happen?
I know Tharun personally. We have worked together in Anukokunda. When he approached me with this role, I just loved it. He believed in me and the results are here to see. Even acting was not planned. Tharun saw me in a beauty pageant and roped me for his short film.

Tell us about Vijay Devarakonda?
Earlier we have worked in Yevade Subramanyam. Our interaction was limited. I thought his real name was Rishi, which happens to be his screen name in Yevade Subramanyam. We are good friends now.

What is Pelli Choopulu’s USP?
I think the realistic way in which the film has come out has worked for the film. The story is a simple one. Director Tharun has worked on every character in this film. There is a good connect and this has worked very well for the film.

What next?
Right now I am enjoying all the adulation and attention that I am getting. I hope to do some memorable films with strong characters. The roles should challenge my acting capabilities, this is what I am looking forward to.

Future projects?
I have no Telugu projects in hand right now. My Tamil film will be released in September.

Updated on April 21, 2020