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Sri Kishore Interview on ‘Devi Sri Prasad’


Young director Sri Kishore, who carved a special image for himself by making suspense thrillers like ‘Sasesham’ and ‘Bhoo’, is directing his hat-trick film ‘Devi Sri Prasad’. Unlike regular concept films, Sri Kishore is making this film in a very fresh way with a suspense thriller concept blended with a never before touched point and unexpected twists. On this occasion, director took some time to chat with the media about his upcoming release ‘Devi Sri Prasad’. Here are the excerpts:

Please introduce yourself to the readers?
I did Electrical Engineering course. Having great passion on films, I learned editing work. Later I did few short films. Some of them have selected for international Short Film Contest. I know dance since childhood. At present, I am doing a job in Hong Kong and at the same time I did ‘Sasesham’ and ‘Bhoo’ films.

How did you get interested in films?
When I studying in Ballari, Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Satya’ was released. I decided to become director after watching that film. As I have no background support, I worked somewhere after completing my engineering. Later I decided to make different film and the result is ‘Sasesham’ and ‘Bhoo’. Even though, the film ‘Bhoo’ was not successful commercially, it brought fame to me as director.

What is the reason behind to choose the title ‘Devi Sri Prasad’?
We picked the titled according to the story. Immediately after announcing the title, it got very good response. You must watch the film to know the exact reason for choosing the tile.

Tell us about the cast and crew of the film?
Pooja Ramachandran, who is known with the film like ‘Swami Ra Ra’ and ‘Pizza’, is playing a key role. Posani Krishna Murali garu is playing a challenging role. Interesting thing is that the film features two prominent heroes and a renowned heroine along with a comedian.

You are the producer for your two earlier films right? Are you producing ‘Devi Sri Prasad’ also?
Nope. I am just directing the film. Akrosh and RV Raju are producing the film. With the support of producers, I am able to complete the film before the estimated time. Presently, post-production works are going on.

Okay, ‘Devi Sri Prasad goes to which genre?
This is my third film. The film is being made with a suspense thriller concept blended with a never before touched point and unexpected twists. The film has been made based on three characters, good, bad and ugly. I can confidently say that ‘Devi Sri Prasad’ will be more impressive than my earlier films. It’s an out and out suspense movie blended with commercial elements.

What’s next for Sri Kishore after ‘Devi Sri Prasad?
I have plans to do a crime comedy, triangle love story and a love story which is set in the collage backdrop. Whilst, I always try to bring innovative projects.

Updated on April 18, 2020