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Suriya Interview on Singam 3


Singam 3, starring Suriya will be releasing this weekend. In this chit chat the actor talks about the movie and a small controversy with PETA.

Singam 3 has been delayed, are expectation high?
Yes, it has been unavoidable reasons that caused the delay. Festivals would have fetched extra market. But we are confident that the film will do well.

PETA said that you supported Jallikattu with an intention?
They say what they believe in and I say what I believe in. Several events in Tamilnadu caused the revolt. I personally felt that I should speak as I come from a family of farmers. It had nothing to do with my film. My emotions were genuine.

Cop movies are cinematic, your take?
Singam series is close to reality. Award winning IPS officer CV Anand sir said that its not unheard of when cop of one country is sent to another country to crack cases involving international network. There will be the entertainment quotient and imagination, which will amount to 20 pc. The situations will be there, but the stunts maybe unrealistic.

Your films are shown in police training centres...
This itself answers a lot of your question. Some cops have told me that my films have given the police department a positive image. The message to the trainee cops is that they have to serve the society with passion. We have done well in other languages too.

What is S3’s USP?
Singam 3 talks about family emotions and action. The trailer might not have been successful in giving that impression, but thats the fact.

How was it working with Hari?
Director Hari is very systematic. Delays does not upset him. He tires to improvise a lot. When its possible to take only 30 shots, Hari sir will take 90 shots. Singam 3 has been shot in 200 locations. In total 17 lakh ft of footage was shot to give you 14000 ft of footage!

Why was DSP not in team Singam?
I wanted him badly, but for the sake of the brand they wanted something new. It was not easy for either of us, but we let it go.

Updated on April 18, 2020