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'RED' achieved a breakeven figure in just four days: Sravanthi Ravikishore


Sravanthi Ravikishore has said that 'RED' has achieved breakeven in just four days of its release. The action thriller will be released in Malayalam on January 22. In his latest interview, Ravikishore said many other things about the film's box-office performance.

We were confident even before the film's release that 'RED' will be loved by the audience. The audience had been waiting for a theatrical experience. And we too wanted to give them that. We are very happy to listen to all the positive feedback from the audience.

Our movie made a share of Rs 6.7 Cr on the first day itself. On the second day, it added another Rs 4.17 Cr. On the third day, it made Rs 2.71 Cr. On the fourth day, it made Rs 2.26 Cr. We released the film on our own in major areas. In other areas, we sold the film at reasonable rates. Keeping in mind the limits on occupancy, we fixed the price. And distributors have benefited.

Some of the distributors recovered their investment by Day 2, while others did so by Day 3.

There were talks that 'RED' received a number of OTT offers. Ram Pothineni said that I will be protecting the film as if it were a child. That's what has happened.

As someone said, actors are made stars by the big screen, not the small screen. In my opinion, films meant for the big screen must be released only in theatres. Those who are passionate about cinema will not opt for OTT. There are those who think they are better off if they somehow earn Rs 12 after spending Rs 10. On the other hand, there are those like me who want any amount to come only from the audience.

'RED' was supposed to be made before 'iSmart Shankar'. But I was not sure whether he would do the film. The big success of 'iSmart Shankar' intimidated us. We discussed for a few days whether 'RED' would be the right project after such a humongous hit. Ram can't escape comparisons. That said, 'RED' can't be compared with his previous movie. This is the first time that Ram has done a dual role. Ram has done classy movies such as 'Nenu Sailaja'. 'RED' is a mix of class and mass.

With 'Nenu Sailaja' and 'Unnadi Okate Zindagi', I and director Kishore Tirumala developed a very good rapport. We both like to infuse our movies with human emotions. His dialogues bring out the mentality of middle-class people.

The Hindi dubbed version of 'Nenu Sailaja' has crossed 300 million views. 'Unnadi Okate Zindagi' has got 190 million views. 'Hello Guru Prema Kosam'e has got 271 million views. 'Hyper' has got 120 million views. 'Ganesh' and 'iSmart Shankar' have got 150 million views. Ram is the only south Indian hero with this kind of consistent track record. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to dub 'RED' in seven non-Telugu languages.

I never produce a film and take it to the floors unless there is a bounded script in place. The script is always there on my iPad.

Trivikram Srinivas has got several commitments. If everything falls in place, we will produce a film with him as the director and Ram as the hero.

Updated on January 19, 2021