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Interview of Prashanth Varma on 'Zombie Reddy'


'Zombie Reddy' will release in theatres on February 5. Ahead of its release, director Prashanth Varma of 'AWE' fame has spoken about the movie. Starring Teja Sajja and others, the film is a zombie-action-comedy film.

I am comfortable with experimental movies. The audience, too, are loving to watch experimental movies. They are exposed to a wide variety of content on OTT. If you don't offer them variety, they will not come and watch your movie in the theatre. When the pre-look was released, 'Zombie Reddy' received offers from OTT platforms. But we refused them to give the audience a theatrical experience.

'Zombie Reddy' would be new even to Hollywood filmmakers. This is not a copy, because zombie movies are a genre. Barring the element of zombies, you won't find any similarities with any of the Hollywood movies. The situations are rooted in Telugu nativity.

I want to do movies that the audience can understand before proceeding to esoteric ones. The original idea of 'Zombie Reddy' was conceived some eight years ago. The budget of the movie is higher than its expected market or business range. We have been making efforts to increase its potential through the pre-release material. Before setting forth on making a film, I first analyze whether it will be worthy of pulling the audience to the theatre.

Many were skeptical about our ability to make a zombie movie. After the motion poster and teaser were out, they were convinced.

I learned about the make-up aspect of the zombie movie from material available on the Internet. By marrying a Hollywood element (zombie) with Rayalaseema factionalism, I have tried to achieve a unique fusion.

I would have gone for 'Zombie Varma' as the title but it doesn't sound as effective. 'Zombie Reddy' carries more emotion, in my view. There have been some objections to the title. But the film has nothing offensive. The Reddys of Rayalaseema will feel proud after watching the movie.

This is a high-concept film but also a commercial, mainstream flick. High-end concepts are suitable more for OTT. 'Zombie Reddy: Revenge Of The Dead' is going to be a sequel. Depending on the budgetary constraints, it will be made with a suitable cast and crew. This is the kind of story that can be placed anywhere in India and create entertaining characters.

Some of the stories that I have are pan-India in terms of sensibilities. I am planning to make a sequel to 'AWE'. Natural Star Nani garu is keen only on introducing new talent. His banner is not into making the moolah. So, 'AWE 2' won't be produced by him.  

Updated on February 4, 2021