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Interview Of Vishal On 'Chakra'


'Chakra', starring Vishal in the lead, is all set to release on February 19. In this interview, Vishal talks about the film and what is most interesting about it.

"I feel proud of the fact that both Telugus and Tamils see me as their own hero. It was in 2004 that I had debuted. I thank the Telugu audience for supporting me all these years. Coming to 'Chakra', it will be releasing in the major South Indian languages as well as Hindi," Vishal said.

Talking about the title justification, Vishal added, "The hero's father is a recipient of Ashok Chakra in the movie. The film begins with some miscreants stealing it. How a soldier chases the mystery behind the theft is the crux. The last 9 minutes are going to be super thrilling."

"This is not a sequel to 'Abhimanyudu'. So many are under the misconception. The visuals may be like that but the story is nothing of that kind. 'Chakra' is a cyber crime thriller. We have shown what is happening in the society," Vishal said.

"A lot of cyber crimes happen on a daily basis. We receive fake lottery calls and many get duped. 'Chakra' throws light on them and goes beyond," the actor said, adding that a lot of research went into writing the film. "When you imagine things up, it might result in scaremongering. So, telling things as the reality exists is very important," Vishal said.

Vishal is doing 'Enemy' with his best friend, Arya. "Arya is playing my enemy in the movie. I am directing 'Abhimanyudu 2'. The shoot will start soon. Saravanan, a short-film director, has come up with a nice story. I am planning a straight Telugu movie next year," Vishal said.

Updated on February 17, 2021