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Sampath Raj Interview On 'Check'


Sampath Raj, the talented character artist, has played the role of a police officer in 'Check', which releases on February 26. In this interview, he talks about working on the movie, why he is confident about its success and more.

'Check' has got a strong story. What happens after a game-changing incident in prison is very interesting. For the most part, the male lead will be seen in the same costume. It's as realistic as realism can get.

'Check' is quite different from my movies so far in Telugu. You will not find many locations. Most of the scenes unfold in a prison. The director has shown the behaviour of the prisoners in jail in a realistic way. How do they behave when they are locked up for several years? I have seen the lives of prisoners from up close. Chandrasekhar Yeleti will transport the audience to a different world.

Although I had played a cop in 'Bheeshma', the tenor of that character was that of fun. In 'Check', it's a complete contrast. It's a serious role. My character seethes with rage and wants to avenge the heor. He is determined to see that the hero is hanged to death. Whether the hero is indeed hanged is to be seen in the film. When Yeleti garu narrated the story, I visualized myself in that role.

I will be seen as a cop in 'F3' as well. I want to write a letter to the police departments of the two Telugu States applying for pension (laughs).

I had done 'Loukyam' under Bhavya Creations in the past. After it became a big hit, producer Ananda Prasad garu gave us iPhone. 'Check' is surely going to become a bigger hit. So, I will ask for a bigger gift from him. 

Updated on February 25, 2021