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Interview of Naveen Polishetty on 'Jathi Ratnalu'


Naveen Polishetty-starring 'Jathi Ratnalu' will release in theatres on March 11. In this interview, catch the actor talk about the movie.

'Jathi Ratnalu' is meant to be satirical as a title. The title is justified in the context of the film. When Nag Ashwin called me and told me about the project, I was interested in the genre. I listened to Anudeep's narration and fell in love with it.

For me, the real jathi ratnalu are my producers: Nag Ashwin, Priyanka and Swapna Dutt. We need producers like him.

The lead characters in the film are dumb. How they end up in a criminal case will be interesting to watch.

I enjoy improvising a lot. That's why I believe in creative collaborations. Even when it is a small scene, I want to understand it thoroughly before giving the take. I give two or three variations for the director to make a choice at the edit table.

I and Nag Ashwin had been wanting to collaborate for years. Things fell in place after 'Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya' in Telugu and 'Chhichore' in Hindi.

The film tells the story of three dumb men. Looking at me in the film, you would wonder if he ever went to school. There is a love track between me and Faria Abdullah. There was a lot of scope for improvisation on the sets.

I look for new kinds of movies. Even a movie like 'Agent' had a strong emotional core in the second half. At the same time, it was entertaining. I strongly believe that an actor should be ready to try all genres and emotions. Everything from comedies to action movies excite me.

I didn't shoot during the lockdown last year, for I didn't want to risk the health of my family members by accidentally contracting coronavirus. During the lockdown, I started a series of videos, which entertained my audience. Thanks to those videos, I spent a good time entertaining those who accessed my videos.

'Jathi Ratnalu' is a fun film that will not stress out the audience. It's light-hearted. The audience will enjoy it throughout its run-time.  

Updated on March 10, 2021