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Interview of Venu Sriram about 'Vakeel Saab'


Amid talk that 'Vakeel Saab' is not an honest remake, director Venu Sriram has said that the film is an honest courtroom drama that respects its theme and female characters. Ahead of the release of the Pawan Kalyan-starrer on April 9, the director talks about working on the remake.

I took time to tell Pawan Kalyan garu about the changes to 'Pink'. After he gave the nod, I went ahead without feeling any pressure. I would automatically tend to smile in his presence. He is a friendly star.

Since Pawan garu has got a demigod status, it's of course natural that every director wants to team up with him. I am glad that I have done a socially-conscious film. The second half of 'MCA' was a commercial outing. It's because of that reason perhaps that 'Vakeel Saab' came searching for me.

At one point, we wanted to go with 'Maguva' as the title. It would have been not to the liking of the trade. Then we thought of 'Lawyer Saab'. Finally, we zeroed in on 'Vakeel Saab'.

There is no doubt that the remake is true to the genre. It's a courtroom drama. It can't be assumed that we have cut short the length of the drama. If you see the trailer, most of it is about the courtroom scenes.

Anjali, Nivetha Thomas and Ananya are three different kinds of faces. Ananya looks innocent and so suited the vulnerable role. Anjali is experienced and I chose her for the role. Nivetha is today's girl and reflects the spirit of today's women. That's why I chose him.

After 'Oh My Friend', two of my projects were shelved. I am happy to have handled a socially-relevant subject after a film like 'MCA'. The project came to me, I didn't go searching for it.

This is an honest film. I have dealt with the character in a way it befits the story. When I told Pawan garu about the changes, he gave the green signal.

Just as a journalist wouldn't undergo pressure before asking Venu Sriram questions, I too didn't go through much pressure. Filmmaking is my job. Why would I feel pressure? More than pressure, I was happy that I was finally directing my favourite actor.

The song 'Maguva' was conceived by me, including the hook line. The hook line is variously suggested by the music director, director, or lyricist.

Updated on March 31, 2021