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Exclusive Interview of Maruthi about 'Manchi Rojulochaie'


'Manchi Rojulochaie' will be heading to the theatres on November 4 (Thursday). Director Maruthi, in this exclusive interview with Ragalahari, talks about the theme of the comedy entertainer that is headlined by Santosh Shoban and Mehreen Pirzada. He throws light on Ajay Ghosh's character. Maruthi, known for hits like 'Prati Roju Pandage' and 'Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy', also says that his upcoming project 'Pakka Commercial' will have action scenes. Catch him also talk about why he thinks the family audience will love 'Manchi Rojulochaie'.

My films are usually entertaining. 'Manchi Rojulochaie' has got an inherent message too. The emotion built around fear in humans is strong in this film. Fear is a disease in itself. A disorder or illness will go if you take medicines. But the fear of illness is more dangerous. In 'Manchi Rojulochaie', a middle-class persona is at the centre of the story. Fear doesn't take us far. The pandemic has taught me to stay strong. That's what I am conveying through the movie. If we keep living a scared life, we can't live in the moment. Our life would become meaningless.

The paranoid person who is at the centre of the story had to look funny. I have cast Ajay Ghosh because he has so far played only frightening characters. I thought, how about casting him as a person who fears? That's why I have cast him. His character is permanent and others come and go. This is a film that will make you think.

Besides Ajay Ghosh and the lead pair, a lot of small characters have a meaningful role in the story. They have an arc. Saptagiri, Sudarshan and others have got superb roles.

The original plan was to make a small, pandemic-time film. The span was increased three days into the production works. 'Manchi Rojulochaie' is now a theatrical release, thankfully.

We completed the production works in 27 days or so. The outdoor shoot was very limited. The majority of the film was shot on a set erected near the Aluminium Factory in Hyderabad.

A small film needs the music to be strong. Otherwise, it wouldn't look good. I have always believed that musically no movie of mine should fail. That has been the case with every single film of mine.

Paid premieres on November 3 have been house-full already across all centers. The audience wants to know why we are so confident about our movie. I have made 'Manchi Rojulochaie' for the audience. I feel they should see the movie as early as possible. We have already succeeded by making a film during the pandemic. It's now up to the audience. My films have always been supported by the average audience.

'3 Roses', to be streamed on Aha soon, is about three women who are about to get married. Their thinking and their struggles are what the web show is about. I am its showrunner. Poorna, Eesha Rebba and Payal Rajput are its heroines.

As a producer, I want to do only quality films from now. I am in collaboration with my friend SKN at Mass Movie Makers. He is like my right hand. I am also associated with UV and GA2 Pictures. We are collaborating only with known technicians and teams. Scripts are ready. I am not collaborating with new artists/technicians. SKN has been a good friend since the days I was distributing movies. He is a movie-lover and is my first audience.

'Pakka Commercial', with Gopichand, will have action scenes for sure.  

Updated on November 3, 2021