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'WWW' is a novel film that will surprise you: Adith Arun


'WWW' is a cyber-thriller directed by KV Guhan. In this interview, actor Adith Arun talks about what makes the film a unique outing. Starring Shivani Rajasekhar and other talented actors, it is headed for a direct OTT release later this month. In this exclusive interview with Ragalahari, the talented 'PSV Garuda Vega' and 'Dear Megha' actor throws light on what 'WWW' is all about and his upcoming projects.

I was 17 or 18 when I met with KV Guhan sir for the first time. He wrote 'WWW' during the pandemic. He debuted as a director with '118' and even before that film was released, he wanted to do a project with me. 'WWW' is a very tough film. Very few films are experimental. '1917' (Hollywood) is an example. 'WWW' is a single-perspective movie.

I was acquainted with Shivani Rajasekhar during the making of 'PSV Garuda Vega', which is my first breakout Telugu film. I wanted to work with Shivani because I respect her parents (Rajasekhar and Jeevitha) a lot. She is a Telugu-speaking actress and is a very good performer. She doesn't want to play merely glamorous roles. I felt Guhan garu's movie is the right project with which I can pay back the Rajasekhar garu family.

Viva Harsha was my junior in school. He has been playing only comedy roles mostly. Like in 'Colour Photo', he wanted to play a substantial role again. Priyadarshi is always a call away. He was blown away by the idea of 'WWW'.

We have seen many thriller films. We don't run into bombs, guns in 'WWW'. We are victims of cyber crimes. We potentially face cyber crimes every day. Thousands of cyber crime cases are registered in the country every year. Guhan garu wanted to do a distinct thriller.

Because of 'Garuda Vega', I am referred to as a hacker. Incidentally, 'WWW' has got something related to hacking. The webcams in the movie don't move, but we the characters move. It's the actor himself who moves the camera depending on what the script says, from close-up shots to others, as the case may be.

The film shows how vulnerable we are online. This is a commercial subject as well with four songs and duets. Prem Rakshit garu's dance choreography is brilliant. For a movie of this genre, it was not easy to do the choreography.

It was very tough to compose music for this movie because the camera is not dynamic. What is dynamic is the music. Each of the songs has clocked millions of views on YouTube. The likes of Sid Sriram and Yazin Nizar have sung the songs. The listeners have given positive feedback for every single song composed by Simon K King.

Credit goes to the music director and the director for infusing songs into the narrative. There is a love story in 'WWW'. During the pandemic, online dating has spiked everywhere. Love can definitely happen online. That's why you see songs in 'WWW'. Long-distance relationships can lead to romantic songs!

Doing this film was an exercise in paying back to Guhan garu, with whom I have had a long association. While shooting for 'WWW', we didn't even leave the flat where we were shooting. I would at times move out just to bring my clothes from my residence.

Filmmaking was ridden with technical difficulties in the past. Today, technology is offering easy opportunities. 'WWW' shows what you can do by leveraging technology. Thanks to this film, I have successfully attempted my hand at contributing to a very tough project. I have always wished to be a part of a technically superior product that other language audiences will look up to. Telugu cinema's standard is increasing year after year.

'Katha Kanchiki Manamintiki' is one of my next releases. '11th Hour' (Aha web series) and 'Dear Megha' are my first two releases this year. 'WWW' is a complete digital release coming out later this month. This has been the most successful year.

I am shooting a movie with RGV garu. It's titled 'Konda'. It's a big-budgeted gangster movie. It's Telangana's own 'Raktha Charitra'. Fifty percent of the shoot is done. 'Konda' is a different ballgame. RGV garu has rediscovered himself. He is going to surprise you all. He continues to push boundaries even after decades of being in the industry.

Updated on December 2, 2021