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I have a refreshing role in Stand Up Rahul: Varsha Bollamma


'Stand Up Rahul', a feel-good romantic comedy, is all set to hit the cinemas on March 18. Starring Raj Tarun and Varsha Bollamma in the lead, the film is a youthful entertainer. In this interview, Varsha of 'Middle Class Melodies' talks about her role in the movie, her belief as an actress, working with a young team and more.

I was born and brought up in Coorg. I migrated to Bengaluru. I am the first person in our family to enter the film industry. My parents have been extremely supportive despite it. Mine is a very simple background and their support continues strongly!

I have not only got an important role in 'Stand Up Rahul' but also a character that has got enough screen time. I have played a woman who is supportive. Shreya Rao doesn't just stand up for her own dreams but also for her partner's dreams. I got excited about the role because girls can relate to her.

This is my first movie with Raj Tarun. We did workshops together. I realized that I and him share some similarities. He is fun-loving and always high on energy. I am much like him. It was like seeing myself.

I personally like doing workshops, especially when I have a language barrier. Doing workshops for 'Stand Up Rahul' helped me get my lines right. The culture of holding workshops is going up in our film industry. If the director feels it is important, it's a blessing for artists.

It was fun working with the likes of Vennela Kishore. With Kishore, it's impossible to act keeping a straight face (laughs). I couldn't control my laughter at times. He is an amazing actor. He is always different.

'Stand Up Rahul' has the backdrop of stand-up comedy. In real life, I have a sense of humour and like to make others laugh. My friends assumed that I am playing a stand-up comedian in the movie (laughs). As an audience member, I want to watch laugh-out-loud movies. I think our movie will leave you with a smile.

I had limited screen time in 'Whistle' (Vijay's 'Bigil'). But learning football and participating in other activities consumed three months before the shoot began. Atlee sir expects crazy energy on set. Vijay sir is calm and quiet off the camera. Once he is in front of the camera, he transforms into that character.

I like to learn new languages. While doing Telugu movies, I have picked up the language while interacting with my make-up assistant and others in Telugu. I dubbed my lines in 'Choosi Chudangane'. But, looking back, I am not satisfied. I was okay in 'Middle Class Melodies'. And I am better in 'Stand Up Rahul'.

Director Santo gave me and other artists enough space to be ourselves. Therefore, I could own the film and feel a sense of relationship with it. The cinematographer, too, is a youngster and you see freshness in the visuals.

I have been a selective actress. I want to play only impactful roles. For me, the story is the hero. Many advised me against thinking on those lines. With time, my belief has paid off. We are changing. There is no hard-and-fast rule that a film has to be made only in a certain way for it to work.

Updated on March 8, 2022