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'Dhamaka' will show you the vintage Ravi Teja: Composer Bheems Ceciroleo


Composer Bheems Ceciroleo has worked on notable films such as 'Bengal Tiger', 'PSV Garuda Vega', and Krishna Vamsi's 'Nakshatram' since his debut in 2012. After the recent sleeper hit 'Gaalodu', the composer is gearing up for the release of 'Dhamaka', in which Ravi Teja has got a dual role. 'Dhamaka', set to hit the cinemas on December 23, is directed by Trinadha Rao Nakkina. In this interview, Bheems Ceciroleo talks about working on the entertainer.

The songs released thus far have clocked millions of views. The music of 'Dhamaka' has been welcomed by the audience. Going by the humongous response, we are sure that the film is going to be a resounding hit.

I am happy that Ravi Teja garu gave me the opportunity to compose music for the second time in my career. I didn't feel any pressure while working on 'Dhamaka'. Working with him again after 'Bengal Tiger' is a memory for a lifetime. He filled me with confidence. And the songs in 'Dhamaka' are way more enjoyable than that for my previous film with Mass Maharaja.

I am inspired to set tunes just by looking at Ravi Teja. One doesn't need to put in extra effort for it. I am not saying it for the sake of panegyric. One would be surely inspired by his life and career. He feels like a family member. When we watch him on the big screen, he comes across as a family member who is a hero. He inspires love and devotion in me. More than composing music for 'Dhamaka', I must say that I have done his worship. He is more than just a star.

As a story, this film is filled with unexpected plot turns. We have seen Trinadha Rao's movies in the past. 'Dhamaka' is his best one till date.

Ravi Teja has played a dual role. And the tunes have been set keeping the characterizations in mind. Since I like his dialogue delivery style, I have infused a dialogue of his in a song. I made him sing it so that it sounds authentic. Despite his busy schedule, he made it to the dubbing studio that day.

You are going to see a vintage Ravi Teja in the movie. There are five songs in total. So far, four songs have been released. All of them are popular. Honestly, it was not difficult to compose the songs. At times, the songs were tuned in a matter of a few hours. Music is like my friend. It's like my mother. Wouldn't a mother know what his child wants?

I have also been a writer. I became a music director later. I also sang the popular 'Mumbai Pothava'. I was not recognized for that song despite its merits. But 'Jinthak' in 'Dhamaka' has fetched me recognition.

My genre of music is neither mass nor melody. It's the 'Janam' genre!

It is true that there has been a gap in my career. Filling the gaps in my discography, I am now going to do 15 movies at a fast clip.

Updated on December 5, 2022