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'Dhamaka' is a new version of 'Rowdy Alludu': Prasanna Kumar Bezawada


Prasanna Kumar Bezawada has penned the screenplay and dialogues of 'Dhamaka', the Ravi Teja-starer. Ahead of the film's theatrical release on December 23, he talks about his journey, the film, his upcoming projects, why 'Dhamaka' is a pure entertainer, and more. The writer has previously written 'Cinema Choopistha Mava', 'Nenu Local' and 'Hello Guru Prema Kosame', among others. Vishwak Sen's 'Das Ka Dhamki' is also among his upcoming movies.

Ravi Teja garu once called me to appreciate my work. I didn't go with any expectations. Sometime later, he asked me to pitch a storyline. He stuck with me because he liked my ideas. The first time I pitched 'Dhamaka' to him, it was a 40-minute narration. That was in March 2020. Entertainment is my and director Trinadha Rao Nakkina's forte.

Ravi Teja garu has been doing serious films of late. An entertainer from him at this juncture felt apt. He has played a dual role in 'Dhamaka'. The first one is a poor guy, while the other one is a rich guy. The characterizations are different. They view the same incident from different perspectives. It's another version of 'Rowdy Alludu', you could say.

I feel there is a Ravi Teja in me. My previous films as a writer had the influence of his attitude. His body of work and heroism have deeply influenced me. That's why writing 'Dhamaka' was not so hard.

I and Trinadha Rao sync very well. He knows the 'meter' of my writing. He correctly guesses what is going to come next in the story. That's why we have united repeatedly.

Ali garu has played an entertaining role. Macha Ravi, Satyam Rajesh have got nice roles. The workplace sequences are also entertaining. The 5-minute interval block is defining in terms of entertainment.

'Dhamaka' is also going to be released in Hindi. Ravi Teja garu has got high popularity among the Hindi audience. We are optimistic.

It's said that I am the highest-paid writer in the film industry. It feels good to hear (laughs). I am not someone who just submits a story and moves on. I travel with the story and like to be on set. It gives me so much pleasure to observe as actors perform. Since my effort is huge, I demand more remuneration. And I am paid for the same reason.

My films hinge heavily on dialogue. I weave the lines around the characters. That's why people like them.

During the making of 'Nenu Local', Nani garu told me he wanted an entertainer that had the flavour of 'Cinema Choopistha Mava'. Earlier, the project was meant to be something else. The change happened 20 days after its shoot began. Originally, we were making a film in the flavour of 'Prema Desam' (the old one starring Tabu, Abbas and Vineet).

I and Trinadha Rao worked on a film for Venkatesh garu under the aegis of D Suresh Babu garu. Somehow, it didn't work out and the project was shelved. (In an interview, Trinadha Rao said that it was a remake that got shelved because the remake rights couldn't be secured by Suresh Productions)

I have plans to turn into a director. Akkineni Nagarjuna has liked a script. The project is yet to be confirmed. The film is not a remake.

I am also writing a small film. Vishwak Sen's 'Dhamki', which I have written, is in post-production (it hits the cinemas on February 17 next year). 

Updated on December 10, 2022