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Samyuktha talks about Dhanush's 'SIR' and her career so far


Samyuktha will be seen as a school teacher in this week's theatrical release, 'SIR'. Starring Dhanush in the role of a vigilante school teacher, this February 17th release is directed by Venky Atluri. In this interview, the multi-lingual actress says that she is thankful to Sithara Entertainments for offering her 'SIR' even when she was doing 'Bheemla Nayak'. After 'Bimbisara', 'SIR' is her next release in Telugu. What makes this project a cut above the rest for her is that it also offers Samyuktha the opportunity to endear herself to the Tamil audience with 'Vaathi', SIR's Kollywood cousin.

How 'SIR' happened:

It was in August 2021 that I came to Hyderabad to shoot for 'Bheemla Nayak'. I was not conversant with Telugu at that time. I could only catch some words like 'Dhanush'. The producer (S Naga Vamsi) then told me he was also producing a movie with Dhanush sir as the hero. The same day, I met director Venky Atluri. That's how 'SIR' happened in 2021.

Dhanush sir once asked me not to be stressed out. Millions dream about the position we are in. He is a subtle performer who can handle the 'meter' of a scene organically.

'Vaathi' is my first proper Tamil movie. I have done a semi-Tamil movie before. In the current scenario, it is exciting to work with names like Pawan Kalyan, and Dhanush. A much bigger plus is getting to play nice characters in their movies. Films like 'Love Today' and 'Writer Padmabhushan' have proved that content is king. It's a multiplier if the content meets star power.

While shooting for the climax, I felt intensely connected with the film. Doing emotional scenes can take a personal toll.

About 'SIR' and team:

It was a learning experience working with both Dhanush sir and director Venky Atluri. Dhanush sir is spontaneous and fast-paced. He was also supportive. His understanding of the character's beats is so bright. I have been seeing him for years as an audience member. A combination film with such a big name, who has been accepted internationally, is no small feat. I started out small and today, I have got to work with someone like him.

The director, who is also the writer of the movie, gave me a character that is not limited to the rom-com track. My character has a presence in important scenes alongside the male lead, in the major conflict portions.

This is not a preachy movie about the education system. It's a wholesome entertainer. We are making the audience member feel the characters and the message without a need for exposition.

How it all started and how it is going now:

My journey in films started in 2016 on a not-so-serious note when I was studying. I even took a year's break. I was not counting on my debut movie at all. I took to acting casually and had no intention to become a full-time acting professional. I was not comfortable. My idea changed a couple of years later, thanks to destiny. I wanted to do one very good character/film. I wanted to stop acting after that. I started seeing beauty in this profession later.

Acting for me is like a spiritual process. With my foray into Telugu cinema, I believe, my best phase has begun. I will next be seen in 'Virupaksha', starring Sai Dharam Tej in the lead. As long as things happen by chance or luck, there is no headache. Once you take something seriously, the pressure builds up to be versatile, and new. That's what happened to me with acting!

Approach to acting:

Too much planning doesn't suit some characters. You have a mental block if you plan too much. You have to trust the process of spontaneity. In contrast, other roles need understanding. For the character in 'SIR', I toured a few villages to get a grasp of life in a village. So, I not only trusted the writing but also put in some effort to do my own homework.

I can't be thinking about what is for lunch or shopping while I am shooting for a scene. I have to be in the moment. Forgetting about oneself as an actor is not an easy thing to achieve. That thought process is like what meditation is trying to achieve.

You have to be a good listener as an actor. Surrendering to the director's narration is important. The right reactions are a function of keen listening.

I want to be in the audience's mind space by entertaining them. I am not vying for tags like 'lady superstar' and all! I never do anything to become a star.

Knowing languages:

I know Tamil very well. I am learning Telugu. Already, about 17 classes in Telugu have been received! It inspires me to notice that people like me more when I speak Telugu, the language of the people here.

Upcoming Telugu movie:

'Virupaksha' is almost done. It is going to hit the cinemas on April 21.

About love ahead of Valentine's Day:

Love is a theme that has been a constant in literature across the world. Everything is about love. Our generation sees love as synonymous with finding romantic love. That has to end. There is no need to view love in a limited manner. Love is not just about loving a person from the opposite gender. Marriage will happen when I find the right partner. Marriage has been manufactured as a need. There is no need to get married for emotional and financial security. Women are capable of achieving them without getting married.

Updated on February 13, 2023