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'Meter' goes beyond formula: Director Ramesh Kaduri


'Meter', starring Kiran Abbavaram in the lead, will be released in theatres on April 7. In this interview debutant director Ramesh Kaduri talks about his maiden attempt, his background, what to expect from the action entertainer, and more.

I come from Garividi Mandal in the Vizianagaram district. I joined as an assistant under Bobby Kolli and Gopichand Malineni before becoming a director. It was writer Srikanth Vissa who gave me the first push by getting me introduced to the producers of 'Meter'. That's how my journey as a director began. Bobby and Gopichand also gave a push.

'Meter' stands for a measure of love, heroism, and emotion. 'Measure of Passion' is the film's tagline for a reason. Kiran's character will be completely different. He is energetic and heroic. He is a cop with a difference. In the second half, he will be ultra-serious for 10 minutes. The theatres are going to shake during those scenes. The rest of the scenes are fun and entertaining.

My film goes beyond the formula. Right from the start, there are quite a few unexpected elements in it.

I had approached a couple of heroes before we zeroed in on Kiran after watching 'SR Kalyanamandapam'. I can't divulge the names of the heroes who didn't want to work with me for whatever reason. Although they liked the story, they were not ready to give me, a newcomer, a chance.

Athulya Ravi knowing Telugu helped matters. I could converse with her in Telugu on set. She is a Tamil actress and yet could understand the nuances of scenes.

I am a fan of commercial movies. As an audience member, I like to watch energetic and peppy movies when I am relaxing or boozing.

Sai Kartheek knows the commercial pulse. His music for 'Pathaas' is an example. Thaman would have suited this script but we don't have that scale. Kartheek's music has taken the film to the next level.

We have made a good film that doesn't try to convey any message as such. The father-son track will be emotional. Injustice is meted out to the hero's father. And that's because of the son. Since it is because of him, the hero atones for it by taking up cudgels and becomes a cop. 'Meter' is not at all preachy. The first half is total fun. The police scenes in the second half will be somewhat serious.

The producers have invested only what was required. Mythri Movie Makers and Clap Entertainment know how much a script deserves.

I have readied a commercial story next. I have already received calls from producers after the trailer for 'Meter' was released recently.

Updated on March 31, 2023