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'Malli Pelli' is both a shocker and an entertainer: VK Naresh


VK Naresh says that 'Malli Pelli' propagates the view that marriage is a sacred institution. Calling it both a shocking film and an entertainer, he adds that the film is carrying a huge amount of buzz among youngsters. He sounds aware of the thinking of today's commitment-phobic youngsters. "There is a reason why 'Malli Pelli' is hugely awaited. Advance bookings are very encouraging," Naresh says. The film will hit the cinemas on May 26 (Friday). In this interview, he touches upon the nature of the subject and more. "It is my conviction that I am right that makes me take up different roles. In a scene in 'Rangasthalam', I had to cry. I managed to shed tears without using glycerine. I am a method actor by practice," Naresh says.

When I became an actor, it was not with the intention of becoming a hero. I became one, though. Years later, I became busy in the field of politics and social service. I have been doing character roles in recent years. I am extremely happy. I also feel fortunate that 'Malli Pelli' is coming out in the 50th year of Vijaya Krishna Movies. It's also coming out in the 50th year of my career as an artist. The banner has a unique legacy. It made bold films in the old era itself. I wanted to revive the banner with a sensational film. 'Malli Pelli' is the result of such thinking. An atom bomb is going to go off this Friday!

It's an open secret that I and Pavitra Lokesh have been in a relationship. And a divorce case has been going on in the court (between Naresh and his third wife, Ramya Raghupathi). On YouTube, you will find loads of videos on my personal life.

False propaganda has been spread against my film. A negative campaign has been going on. I made my live-in status with Pavitra official before its release upon director MS Raju garu's suggestion. The film is not my story or a biopic. There is a story behind some scenes in the movie. The focus is on society at large. I and Pavitra are a part of the society. This is an emotional film.

I collaborated with Raju garu after watching 'Dirty Hari' (2020). He came up with the idea of 'Malli Pelli' much later. He told me the story will surely shock me. Soon after the release of the movie, we will interact with the media and take all questions from them. You will get all answers tomorrow (May 26).

On Naresh's estranged wife Ramya Raghupathi moving a Hyderabad court to stall the film's release: CBFC is the only appropriate authority to clear a film's release. When the 'Kerala Story' controversy was stoked, the argument was clear. Once a film has been certified by the CBFC, nobody can stall its release. Our divorce case has been an ongoing issue. 'Malli Pelli' and its content will not in any way affect the divorce proceedings. I am not nervous about anything.

Trolling is par for the course. People will also troll celebs. Even a world-renowned celebrity is not immune to it. You will collapse if you take it to heart. For me, what matters is that my mother and Superstar Krishna garu accepted our relationship. They knew the trauma I underwent. My well-wishers, family, fans and business partners sympathize with me. That's enough for me.

On Movie Artists Association: I have been its President and General Secretary in the past. I assumed those offices because of the wishes of MAA's members. I succeeded in bringing about health facilities, life insurance, etc. Members are very happy with Manchu Vishnu's leadership. There is no dissent. Under him, health facilities have only been improvised. This is a satisfactory term, I must say. I don't call it good or bad. The future of MAA stands solid. His term will end in a year. I am watching him. Let's see if he will fulfill all the poll promises that he made. Vishnu is a calm person supported by a good team. I am confident that he will ensure a separate building for MAA during his term. I am serving MAA as an official advisor.

Updated on May 25, 2023