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Chandini Chowdary talks about 'Gaami', her beliefs and more


Chandini Chowdary says that 'Gaami' satisfies her passion for acting. Ahead of the film's March 8th release, the 'Colour Photo' actress says that the Vishwak Sen-starrer was completed despite the challenges involved. Right from the weather to other aspects, everything had to fall in place. In this interview, Chandini talks about the kind of passion that went into molding and making of 'Gaami'.

I was the first one to be cast in 'Gaami'. It happened around the release of 'Manu'. It was during that film that director Vidyadar got in touch with me. I knew the premise of 'Gaami' even while doing 'Manu'. The film was shot in real locations like Varanasi, Kashmir, the Himalayas, etc. The lakes and other natural habitats have been captured with a limited crew of 15-20 members on board. There were no make-up assistants, etc. There were days when we had little access to drinking water. The unit observed no hierarchy.

When I listen to some scripts, I can't resist myself. I jump to do such films. Films like 'Gaami' satisfy my passion. They fulfil the purpose of my being an actress. I go by my satisfaction levels. 'Gaami' never had a massive crew working on it. I knew it would take so long but I didn't know it would take five years. The director is so particular about what he wants.

I am an emotional and intense person. I turned teary-eyed when I watched Gaami's trailer recently at Prasads Multiplex's PCX screen. You have seen the trailer and you would have grasped that my role is important. The climax is so intense. I realized how it would be during the shoot.

I am trying to be a little more choosy after attaining recognition as a performer. I am not great at PR. You don't see my PR. You only see my work! I am a private person. I don't talk about my personal life and family with others. I have always been like this. You need to be extremely patient in this industry. The audience receive stars and non-stars differently.

Since 'Manu', I have wanted to do only those films that I won't regret in the future. I have done OTT projects like 'Super Over' and 'Jhansi' with that thinking in mind. I love to dance. 'Saba Nayagan' (Tamil) gave me the opportunity to do it. In the film industry, you shouldn't give a gap. You should work non-stop. Once I like a story, I am willing to go to any extent to give my best. No matter what, I am a thorough professional. That's why I have been around even after a decade of entering the industry. This is a big deal for actors like me who don't do regular commercial entertainers. Even when I did short films, I was driven by my passion. I am straightforward, something that people don't like about me. Given my frank nature, it's big that I have survived for this long.

I await the release of a new season of 'Jhansi' on Disney Plus Hotstar. There is so much kick in playing a badass character. It's after doing this web series that I realize why actors hanker after negative characters.

I am inclined to reach metaphysical and spiritual literature. While doing 'Gaami', I found it fascinating to see the Aghoras and all from close quarters in Varanasi. I saw a sadhu who was still for hours on end. I didn't dare to interact with any of them, though. I didn't come across female sadhus.

I love travelling because that's the only time I am detached. I am in a place where none knows me. I have no expectations from me. I started travelling in 2015. Every journey has something new to teach you. I love solo trekking. It's like meditation. I read an Ayn Rand book while in the Himalayas. It was a transformational experience. If you don't seek validation from outside, you will always be a winner.

Updated on March 4, 2024