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'Raju Gari Ammayi Naidu Gari Abbayi' has a superb twist of sorts: Director, hero


'Raju Gari Ammayi, Naidu Gari Abbayi' is the title of an upcoming movie starring Ravi Teja Nunna and Neha Jurel as the lead pair. Produced by Tanvika & Moshika Creations, the film will head to theatres on March 9. In this interview, director Satya Raj thanks producers Kumari Nunna and Mutyala Ram Das. "The latter helped us in ensuring the best output," he says. The hero says that Roshan's music is as awesome as a Mani Sharma album. "He really exceeded our expectations," he adds.

Ravi Teja Nunna:

This is a rural entertainer set in an idyllic village. I play a free-spirited youngster in it. He falls in love with a brave woman. Things go awry and he must prove his innocence against all odds.

When 'RANA' came my way, I saw it as an action film. I had my reservations, considering that I am a newbie and it is not easy for a newcomer to impress the audience with the action genre. I later saw it as a thriller and that's when I found it a safe bet. I am one of the producers of 'RANA', whose budget shot up by 25%.

I am not a trained actor. I was influenced by Chiranjeevi garu's performances and learned the nuances of acting by watching him. When it comes to the songs in 'RANA', I tried to be as energetic as the Megastar.

Director Satya Raj:

I hail from Amalapuram, where a number of movies have been shot. The shooting atmosphere inspired me to try my hand at filmmaking. I have known Ravi Teja Nunna for many years as a friend. He loved my narration. This story needed a fresh face.

'RANA' is an intense story involving two warring families. The title represents the story and has no allusions to castes. This is a romantic crime thriller with a unique East Godavari spin. There is a cute love story and the element of crime is interwoven organically. I was inspired by what I heard while travelling back from Kerala. I set the story in Amalapuram for nativity reasons.

The twist is going to shock the audience. The surprise element has been concealed from the audience by the trailer. You can make nothing about 'RANA' from the pre-release promotional material put out so far. A death and what transpires after a romantic song will engage the audience thoroughly.

After the CBFC came up with some suggestions, the proposed 'A' rating was changed to 'U/A'. 

Updated on March 5, 2024