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Venkatesh birthday chit chat


The original style icon of the Telugu film industry, from portraying author backed roles to slap stick comedies, Venkatesh has come a long way and won many hearts en route. Basking in the success of his latest film Tulasi, Venkatesh has more reason to celebrate other than his upcoming birthday on the 13th of December. In an informal chat with Ragalahari, the versatile actor speaks of his films, his colleagues and his interests.

Q: With Tulasi doing record breaking business what are the plans for your next film?
A: I have a lot of offers for action films. But I want to do a simple, feel good romance or a comedy. I always plan to do something different and new but end up choosing from the ones that I am offered. I don’t believe in chasing after a project.

Right now I am just going through the various scripts that I have on hand. By this month end I will be able to finalize. It will take a couple of months before a film is launched.

Q: Do the comments that Tulasi was a very violent film, affect you?
A: When you compare Tulasi to my earlier family films like AMAV, Malleswari, Nuvvu Nakku Nachavu, Tulasi will seem more violent. Other than that it is just a normal action film.  From the view point of my character in the film, the violence is completely justified.

Q: Are you open to multi starrers?
A: Show me one good bound script of such kind and I will start shooting for that film from tomorrow. No director has approached me with such a subject.

Q: What about sequels to your own films?
A: I have no problem with that either.

Q: In that case which film would you prefer to make a sequel for?
A: My favorites are Bobbili Raja and Gharshana. Bobbili Raja has a lot of scope for action, adventure etc on the other hand Gharshana would make for a slick and thrilling cop movie.

Q: Who are your favorite heroines?
A: I cannot compare them under the same genre. They all have had different characters to portray. As per characterization I loved Revathy’s portrayal of the character Maggi in our film Prema. Then there is Sridevi in Kshanakshnam and Soundarya in  Pavithra Bandham.

Q: Did you watch HAPPY DAYS?
A: Yes I did. It is an amazing film. I was so impressed with the entire cast and crew of that film that I send flowers to all of them. The success of such films is very encouraging to young directors. I have always wanted to work with a director of Sekhar Kammula’s sensibilities and am looking forward to that.

Q: Are you planning to take up direction?
A: No. I am not cut out for that job. I can judge scripts and probably help with some ideas in the scripting stage. But not direction.

Q: Is your production house planning to enter the Television industry?
A: No. I may not produce any TV serials but I am sure that I will act in them once I retire from the film industry. And I sure will enjoy that. When I was in the US, I was more hooked to Television than films.

Q: How did you feel when you heard that Chiranjeevi is entering politics?
A: I will not comment on that as Chiranjeevi himself has not officially announced anything. As a well-wisher of this industry I am always happy when somebody from my fraternity is entering politics to do good for the people. I will take about it once Chiranjeevi announces it.

Q: What is your take on the turn of events in the Cricket world?
A: I am very happy that a mature and well balanced player like Kumble is leading our team in the test matches. He is the right guy. I am planning to go to Australia for the Indian tour in March next year.

Updated on April 25, 2020