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Interview of Venkatesh about Drushyam 2


Venkatesh awaits the OTT release of 'Drushyam 2', which will stream on Amazon Prime from November 25. In this interview, the 'Narappa' actor talks about the exciting premise of the movie, its direct OTT release, his future projects, and more.

Rambabu is the name of my character in 'Drushyam 2'. The beauty of Rambabu's story is that he is focused only on protecting his family no matter what it takes. Leaving aside whether what he does is right or wrong, it's a wonderful character. 'Drushyam' was appreciated by so many people because of its unique backdrop.

'Drushyam 2' is a thrilling sequel that is more engaging than 'Drushyam'. Rambabu's unpredictable thinking will engross the audience. Rambabu is a masterful planner and has a bag full of ideas. The story takes off six years after where 'Drushyam' ended. It's a genuine edge-of-the-seat thriller with strong family emotions. The trauma of his wife (played by Meena), the children is analyzed. The wife is still wondering what her husband was up to. It's a sensitive element.

The Malayalam original was done by Mohanlal. It's not easy to step into his shoes. I accepted 'Drushyam 2' because the script is so tight.

We have got two to three new sequences in the Telugu remake. Otherwise, it's a faithful remake. We have shown 'Drushyam 2' to a lot of people and they enjoyed the remake.

A lot of family audience members are still hesitating to come to theatres. They will want to watch our movie on OTT. We should go with the flow. As long as your movie is seen by most people, it's good. I am not thinking too much about the direct OTT release. So many Telugus haven't watched the Malayalam original. I am positive-minded. The beauty of films like 'Drushyam 2' is that you will want to watch their remake even if you have watched the original.

We need to make light, entertaining movies now. That said, you can't plan things well ahead of time. I go with the flow. I take what comes. I don't refuse, I don't ask too much.

The tag 'Remake Hero' has been given by the media. I don't mind it. I am happy with the kind of movies that I have been doing. Some stories come only to me. 'Narappa' came only to me and I did it. I am sincere in doing what I do. I don't get carried away. Acting is my occupation about which I am very happy. The audience have been accepting me from the beginning. I owe it to them.

'Rana Naidu' with Rana Daggubati has been shot. It's for Netflix. 'F3' will release on the big screen. It's an energetic movie with crazy characters. The audience are going to have a blast. My fans will have something nice. The film deals with greed for money, a theme that is commonplace.

You have to be in the right balance. Don't expect too much. Hit or flop, don't think too much. You have to learn things and improve yourself. If your performance was not up to the mark, you have to be open to criticism.

So many people are not watching so many good films in theatres. They are watching movies much later (on TV or OTT). The OTTs have become a new habit due to the pandemic. The pandemic has hastened their rising popularity.

As of now, other than 'F3', I have no other projects in the pipeline. Some directors are preparing scripts. But let's see.

Updated on November 18, 2021