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'Prasanna Vadanam' carries a certain mood and tone: Manikanta JS


Producer Manikanta JS awaits the release of 'Prasanna Vadanam' on May 3. Starring Suhas in the role of someone who can't recognize faces, the film's trailer has been acclaimed. Ahead of the thriller's release, Manikanta throws light on the film's merits. Manikanta says that the project was planned taking every eventuality into account. "I come from an IT background. Since I have previoulsy been a co-producer, I am aware of the cost-benefit analysis. If I invest Rs 5 lakh and I have to breakeven, the film has to make Rs 12 lakh. I sat with digital platforms before beginning the project," he informs.

I was a co-producer for 'Colour Photo' and 'Family Drama', both of which were fronted by Suhas. 'Prasanna Vadanam' came my way through a friend. The director of this film is Arjun YK, who was an assistant to Sukumar. Arjun's narration was so gripping. When Suhas listened to it, he too liked it. That's how the project began.

Suhas is someone who instantly loves unique concepts and stories. As you all know, face blindness is at the centre of the plot of 'PV'. It's a first on the Indian screen. It is meant to entertain the audience from all walks of life. I can assure you that the screenplay is going to surprise the audience till the very end.

'PV' is going to give the audience a new experience. We have taken all precautions in designing it. In terms of business, we have already made table profits. Mythri Movie Makers and Hombale Films are releasing the film. The Village Group is going to release the movie in the US. We have an offer from a big name from Kollywood. We will either release the dubbed version or will remake the movie.

Director Arjun YK has has simply nailed it. He has handled the story with force. Before the film was taken to the floors, he did a lot of hard work. He was not rigid and that's why he could execute the intended emotion so perfectly. Just because he has worked with someone of Sukumar's stature in the past, he doesn't show attitude. He is open-minded and has an ear for everyone's advice. Whatever is good for the film is always embraced by him. As a producer, I gave him the fullest creative freedom. I think he is going to make it big in the industry. I have plans to produce my next film, too, with him. It will happen whenever he is available.

Suhas has grown in stature since the time I worked with him on 'Colour Photo'. He has reached a stage where filmmakers are penning scripts keeping him in mind. He is such a disciplined actor. He is extremely punctual and is never a problem to work with. Most of the writers/directors these days are imagining only him for different roles. Producers and directors alike are comfortable to work with him.

Together with his acting in 'PV', Vijai Bulganin's background score has taken the film to the next level. The viewer will surely enjoy the soundscape of 'PV'. Even though I have listened to the narration by Arjun as many as thirty times, the experience elevated by the BGM made the viewing experience all the more special.

Usually, thrillers are expected to maintain a dark mood. However, murders don't always take place only at nights. The colour palette is lively and beautiful in 'PV'. We have set the desired tone for a thriller. Cinematographer Chandrasekhar has done a wonderful job. Even CBFC members have given a positive feedback. They liked the way the mood prevails through the film. We have a certain target audience in mind. And they are surely going to give 'PV' a shot.

Updated on April 29, 2024