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'Love Me: If You Dare' has two major twists: Ashish Reddy


'Love Me', starring Ashish Reddy in the lead, is produced by Harshith Reddy, Hanshitha Reddy, and Naga Mallidi. The Arun Bhimavarapu directorial is all set to hit the cinemas on May 25. "The director of the film and producer Naga Mallidi pitched the story to Dil Raju garu. That's how it all began. If someone like MM Keeravani garu and PC Sreeram garu liked the story, there is obviously something strong in the story," Ashish says in the interview.

I play a YouTuber who does forbidden things. He shoots and talks minimally because he is no blogger. He is curious about following up on everything that stimulates his interest. It is human tendency to be slightly curious about things that others don't want you to know about. He is more curious than the average person.

I and Vaishnavi Chaitanya participated in acting workshops. I sat down with the director to understand the psyche of my character. When you travel with your director, you will automatically understand 70% of the character's nuances. The protagonist in this film is the kind of person who wants everyone to live on their own terms. More than horror, what you going to see are real persons and a ghost who is also treated as a character. This is also a love story. There are empty speculations that Vaishnavi's character is a ghost and that she is there to avenge something that pertains to her previous birth. None of the speculations hold an element of truth.

'Love Me: If You Dare' is indeed a daring step for me. I had no reference to do the character. Nobody has been able to predict the trajectory of the story. This is not a comedy film but an out-and-out serious story. There is an unexpected backstory that tells how I and the heroine got off with each other. There is a twist at the interval and in the nick of the climax as well. The treatment is totally different.

Cinematographer PC Sreeram sir is a serious-looking man. However, he was chillled out. He told me he likes my eyes and that's why he chose close-up shots for me. Receiving the appreciation of a legendary cinematographer gives me a reason to smile. This is a proper theatrical experience whose soundscape, sets and cinematography will surely be loved by the audience. You will have thrills throughout.

As an actor, 'Rowdy Boys' and 'Love Me' are entirely contrasting. The former had me in an energetic role. My performance is more mellowed here. In 'Love Me', my reactions are subdued. I am subtle and calm. While there is a twist in the climax, I am not sure if this film is going to have a sequel. Dil Raju garu is the best person to answer the question.

I and Vaishnavi got to exchange views while doing the film. We read the script on repeat before the shoot was begun. We could do rehearsals, too. Director Arun is cool-headed and is open to listening to others' opinions. His understanding of his characters is profound. He is a devotee of Lord Shiva and can give references from scriptures to rationalize his characterizations. He thinks like a true novelist. Shooting for the horror scenes was a bit of a scary experience!

I am a fan of Allu Arjun. He balances acting and commerciality. I want to follow in his footsteps in that respect.

I am going to do a film under Sithara Entertainments next. I was doing 'Selfish' but the director had to go back to the drawing room to fine-tune the script. I took up 'Love Me' because it could be completed in just 50 working days.

Updated on May 22, 2024