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Venkatesh birthday chit chat


Twenty-three years of film journey from the year 1986 with his debut film ‘Kaliyuga Pandavulu’ to 2008 Chintakayala Ravi, he had done various roles and gained the accolades from critics and the audience as well. Films like Sreenivasa Kalyam, Bobbili Raja, Swarna Kamalam, Pavitra Bandham, Premante Idhera, Nuvvu Naaku Nachav, Vasantham, Malleeswari, Sankranthi, Aaduvaari Maatalaku Ardhale Verule and Tulasi have given him a special place among the family audience. Films like Chanti, Prema, Shatruvu, Kshana Kshanam, Gharshana etc., made him grow big step by step. With so many hits and super hits, this versatile actor became ‘Victory’ Venkatesh, who is otherwise known as ‘Dhaggupati’ Venkatesh. On the eve of his birthday on December 13, Venkatesh had a chit-chat with the media personnel at Rama Naidu studios.

Any pleasant message on new launches on this birthday?
As such there is no firm commitment on any movie. But two films are under consideration. The script work is nearing completion for the film to be directed by Krish. And the other is in Sreenu Vytla’s direction. Infact, I get to know through media that there will be a launch on Dec 13, but I’m clueless.

How do you rate Chintakayala Ravi?
It is a wonderful film and I enjoyed thoroughly throughout the making of the film.  Although it is a safe bet, the producer had incurred losses due to reduction in ticket prices during the release of the film and pirated CDs further spoiled the game.

What is your opinion about the hike in ticket rate?
Yeah! Actually that’s a good decision. In these days where the piracy has become uncontrollable, there is no other choice except to increase the ticket prices.  But still the present hike is very reasonable and affordable too.

What is your opinion on astronomical rates demanded by heroes now a days?
I don’t want to comment on other heroes but as far as I’m concerned I take very reasonable amount and I don’t have the habit of taking the advance. I only take the amount after the completion of the entire film. I’m the producers’ hero and they know my market.

Shootings apart, what else enthuse you?
I enjoy reading books, if not all, certain books influence me a lot. When I do meditation, there is a dramatic effect on my body with the stress completely relieved and I feel fully rejuvenated.

Your opinion on Naga Chaitanya?
He is an icon of both families dedicated to film industry.  He possesses a basic talent but he has a responsibility to prove his worth.  He must work hard towards that. My best wishes and blessings are always there for this youngster.

Can you give an idea about ‘Marmayogi’?
My intention to do that movie was basically to participate in Kamal’s project.  But later I came to know that the project has been shelved due to high budget.

It appears your brother’s son Raana also will be coming to movies. What do you say about it?
Yes! He is expected to enter into films by mid 2009.  To the extent I observed him he is very sincere and dedicated. I wish him all the best.

What do you say about current Tollywood films?
One should pay serious attention to the script and not get carried away with partial success of some movies in which script is not that good.

What is your message to young heroes?
It is always advisable the young heroes to work hard and experiment new roles and concepts. At times they fall prey to the first time success and try to create an image of mass heroes which eventually does not work in their favour.  They must try different things passionately.  Infact, we were deprived of such chances in our early stages. Still ‘Swarna Kamalam’ is a sparkling example of my intentions.

Updated on April 25, 2020