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Mugguru is about three cool lower-middle class guys - Navdeep


Navdeep was introduced to the Telugu film industry by director Teja in 2004 through ‘Jai’ and he also made a decent entry in Tamil film industry in 2005 through a block buster film ‘Arinthum Ariyamalum’. From there on it was point of no return for him as he has been accepted in both the languages and he also intelligently could manage a balance between both Tollywood and Kollywood. This ‘Chandamama’ hero was kind enough to put aside some time in his busy schedule to discuss his work on ‘Mugguru’ with Ragalahari. In this interview we touch upon how Navdeep approached the role in ‘Mugguru’ and his working experience with his director, producer and costars. Here are some excerpts:

How is it working for Suresh Productions?
Since then the Telugu film industry shifted to Hyderabad, SP has been one of the most prestigious banners producing films in 12 different languages and Ramanaidu garu holding a Guinness world record!! This has to be a milestone in my career! Proud to be associated with this banner and looking forward for future associations!!

You have already worked with VN Aditya for the movie ‘Manasu Maata Vinadhu’ and after a considerable break you have once again joined hands with him. Can you tell us your working experience with this director now?
During ‘Manasu Maata Vinadu’, I was just one film old and Aditya was already a very successful director by then. But the kind of comfort and personal connection we had was amazing! Since then we have been good friends. When I learned that I was going to work with him once again, I was very excited. It’s fun and learning experience!!! I was in the direction department too for this film.

What is the general out lane of ‘Mugguru’?
It’s a super funny movie. The story is about the cool lower-middle class guys. It’s definitely an entertaining film to which the audience will get connected to the characters.  

How was your shooting experience in Malaysia for the film ‘Mugguru’?
I shot in Malaysia before for ‘Poramboku’ but it was for one song only. This time it was a 25 day schedule. Since the crew is limited for foreign schedules, say about 25 people, the unit members are pretty close to each other and we share our duties. I had a great time in Malaysia shooting for ‘Mugguru’. We shot a couple of songs and some talkie. We costars had great fun hanging out with on and off film shoot.

What is the interesting point in opting for this film?
Guaranteed good release as it’s one of the best banner. Working with Aditya again, good storyline with guaranteed humor.

Is there any specific reason for a long gap between films?
Lot of reasons including the film strike. I hope there won’t be any more long breaks from now onwards. I’m shooting for 3 films right now, ‘Mugguru’, ‘Oh My Friend’ and a Kannada movie ‘Dilkush’. Apart from these, ‘Aakasame Haddu’ is ready for release.

After ‘Arya 2’ you are yet to get a good break in Telugu. Did you find the reasons?
I have not done any film after ‘Arya 2’ yet. So I guess I’m just waiting for the break.

Your multi-starrer films score over solo films. Do you find it more comfortable in the company of another star?
I feel equally comfortable doing the solo as well as multi-starrer, it’s just a coincidence.

What is your working experience with Srinivas Avasarala and Rahul?
Srinu is a very sensible and intelligent person to work with and has become a good friend. Rahul is a constant learner and a nice person.

How about heroines in ‘Mugguru’? Who is playing your love interest?
Shraddha is my pair in this film. We have already worked together for ‘Arya 2’ but this film was altogether a different experience. Sanjana and Soumya are the other girls in the movie. It is a funny bunch to hangout with.

Navdeep, tell us a bit about the music of this film?
Koti is the music director for this film. I must say that he has churned out decent music for this film. There are a couple of songs meant to be funny as a concept and audio is pretty good.

You have worked with Bhumika in ‘Yagam’ and now you are working with Reema Sen in ‘Mugguru’. Both are seniors to you. How do find the chemistry matching?
As a person I tend to open up quickly, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a senior or a debutant I’m working with. Otherwise Bhumika was a great costar to work with and so is Reema. But I’m closer to Reema as we spend more time together and we are like-minded.

Who is your best costar till date? (In male and female)
I love working with Ali and Brahmanandam any day.

What are your other projects in Telugu?
‘Aakasame Haddu’ is ready for release, ‘Mugguru’ is almost done and ‘Oh My Friend’ is in progress and am venturing into Kannada this year with the film ‘Dilkush’.

Do you have any dream role?
Any unique character which is tough to do is my dream role.

- Exclusive Ragalahari Interview done at Ramanaidu Studios, Vizag

Updated on April 25, 2020