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RLS is very close to my heart - Regina


Regina Cassandra, the upcoming actress with her most beautiful smile has caught the attention of many through her debut movie ‘SMS’ (Shiva Manasulo Shruti) and the recently released ‘Routine Love Story’. The budding star first faced the camera when she was four. She anchored for the kids’ channel Splash and later did few commercials. She claims that she was studying her 9th when she did her maiden film ‘Kanda Naal Mudhal’ in which she played a pregnant woman. Regina is currently riding high with the success of ‘RLS’. Movie offers are pouring in for the actress and she has just signed a film opposite Nara Rohith. On this eve, we have recently caught up with the actress for a brief chat. Here are few excerpts:

This (Routine Love Story) is such a fascinating movie and there have been a lot of positive reviews.  How does it feel being part of such a movie?
Well the obvious answer would be happyyy!!!! :D Happy that it was received well & satisfied with how it turned out in the end... Well that’s probably the feeling when all your hard work pays off.

Can you talk about your first meeting with Praveen Sattaru and your impressions about him?
I met Praveen in Hyderabad for the audition. Amazing person & a wonderful director. I liked his working style.

You have made some bold decisions with your take on a risky shot at Rishikesh.  How did you go about doing that?
hahaha now this is my favourite topic!!! Well it was one worthwhile experience... I was excited in the beginning but came out of that shot with a story to tell everyone. A "near death experience" I called it. In fact while watching the scene in the movie I held my breath and relived that experience. It felt good doing it on my own.

What have you learned from that?
I'm not being dramatic here, when I say I've had the experience of a lifetime. Shooting in Rishikesh was amazing. I love doing adventurous things & white water rafting satisfied the adventurer in me. =)

How much time did you spend in Rishikesh?
We spent about 10 to 12 days in Rishikesh.

How was it like working with Sundeep Kishan?
Sundeep is a fab actor. Dedicated to his work. Was fun working with him. I have this habit of learning something or the other from people I work with, and from Sundeep I've learnt how not to let the "lows" in life affect u.

Your dances are being praised by the people.  Are you a trained dancer?
I love to dance. But didn't get to show it off yet =P I danced for my college team but not trained in any particular dance form. I love hip hop salsa and jiving.

What are your obsessions in life?
Obsessions??? Ohh I don't think I have any.

You started off your movie career during your teens straight with a matured role as a pregnant woman in a Tamil film ‘Kanda Naal Mudhal’.  How much training did you take to portray the character Latha?
Oh well... This is how Kanda Naal Mudhal happened. I went for an audition one day and in an hour they said I was selected for the role and that shooting started in 2 days. Technically I had no training as such. I loved the role and the challenge of playing Latha, and till date no one is able to believe I did that when I was in the 9th standard.

Can you describe your path in acting up until now?
It's been a nice path.. And when u say path all I can think of is Robert Frost's poem the road not taken.

What motivated you to be interested in acting?
Acting has been a passion... And it just happened. It hadn't been a conscious decision to get into films or take it up as a career until lately. I loved doing plays in school and was a part of the drama club in college.

So far you have delivered two films – SMS and RLS, both are youthful romantic entertainers.  In what ways do you relate to the characters Shruti (SMS) and Tanvi (RLS)?
Shruti and Tanvi are quite similar in terms of their characteristics. However, having said that, Tanvi is a kid in comparison to Shruti, Tanvi being 17 and Shruti being a 22 or 23 year old girl.

After ‘SMS’ and ‘RLS’, what is next for Regina?
Well as of now it's Tatineni Satya’s movie with Nara Rohith and a few more in the offering as far as Telugu is concerned. For tamizh I have Kedi Billa Khilladi Ranga directed by the national award winning director Pandiraj.

Having starred in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu movies, you must be having some favorites of your own.
I love all the languages, RLS is very close to my heart.

What movies have you been watching lately?
I haven't had the time to catch any of the latest movies. I. Have a short break in December so there's a loooooong list waiting for me!! =)

Do you have any plans to develop your talents in acting?Yes very much. Which is why I'm hoping I get film offers where in which I have to do some sort of homework or research on the character.

When you become a successful and renowned actress, how do you want to make a positive impact on our society?
 I love animals and hence I'm thinking of something on the terms of helping out with the animal shelters in Chennai. And I have also been talking to friends about a few orphanages that need help. Working towards that for the moment.

What else do you want to tell our readers?
Well I don't want to sound like "miss #goodytwoshoes" when i say this, but I'm quite particular about keeping my city clean. I believe that someone needs to start somewhere. I'm doing my bit, and please do yours.

Thank you very much for talking to us.  Wish you All The Best for your future endeavors.

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Updated on April 25, 2020