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Raj Kandukuri is an ideal director for actors - Tashu Kaushik


Tashu Kaushik has just delivered ‘Gola Seenu’ and is happy with the kind of response she is getting from her fans. She starred opposite ‘Ee Rojullo’ fame Sree in the film which was written, produced and directed by Raj Kandukuri. We got the chance to speak with Tashu about all things of ‘Gola Seenu’ including her role in the film. Here are few excerpts from our exclusive interview with Tashu Kaushik.

Hi Tashu, it’s good to see you back with ‘Gola Seenu’ again.
Thanks a lot :-)

So you are going to entertain us with ‘Gola Seenu’. How did you land in this role?Tashu Kaushik Exclusive Interview
I am absolutely sure about it and guess people are being entertained as that's the feedback we are getting after the I am happy. Raj sir met me in Mumbai for this film n gave me details of the film. I was excited as it was a simple and a nice subject and most importantly it’s a character of a teluguammai and more of a performance oriented one. Fortunately our 1st meeting ended up with the signing of the film and here I am as 'Sandhya' of Gola Seenu :-)

What is your part in it?
My character plays an integral part in the film, who gets the major twist in the story and at intermission point audience is left with a question "who is Sandhya?" So she's a mystery by the end of 1st half. But overall she is a very homely and a simple girl.

How was it working with Sree and director Raj Kandukuri?
It was a beautiful journey with Raj sir and Sree, each day bringing in loads of happy memories. They both are amazing human beings and absolute professionals too. It’s Raj sir's debut film as a director but he worked as a seasoned director...very good organizer, planner and clear about his work. Everything happened right on schedule and even senior actors like Kota sir and Jeeva sir complimented him for his efforts. He treats his team like a family which definitely helps others to give their best output. I can say that he is an ideal director for actors. All those who will work with him in future would say the same and I am sure about it.

Sree is super energetic person on sets. He ensured that he keeps the shooting atmosphere lively. He is absolute fun to work with and he is pretty hard working too. He is blessed with a talent of getting into the mood of a scene as and when the director says ‘Action’ and get out of it when he says ‘Cut’. I wish him good luck for a great and successful future in Tollywood as he has it in him. Also title ‘Gola Seenu’ is apt for him because when he's around, there is always fun fun fun :-)

What would you do on sets during your break time?
Laugh Laugh and Laugh...hehehe... Full hangama and masti... Really. :-)

So, you had a gala time on the sets.
Tashu Kaushik Ragalahari Exclusive InterviewOh totally. It was like this huge picnic when not working. Infact the last day of the film I actually cried as I knew that I am gonna miss my team. So one can imagine how much fun it was to be with complete ‘Gola Seenu’ team.

Are we going to be seeing more of you on-screen from now?
Well hopefully yes! After ‘Gola Seenu’, my next Telugu venture is ‘Reporter’. Shooting is in progress with its last schedule on floor. Apart from this I am also working on one Malayalam film and preparing for the release of my Kannada film – ‘Cool Ganesha’ too.Infact after ‘Gola Seenu’ release I have already got four offers, so I am going through all the scripts right now and meeting people. Rest all will happen what is destined to happen :-)

Let’s talk about the movie now. Can you briefly tell our readers the most interesting thing about this film?
It might sound a bit cliché but honestly ‘Gola Seenu’ is an absolute entertainer. One can happily enjoy with their families and friends for complete 2 hours in the theatres. It’s a complete package with a subtle love story, immense comedy and great music. So far we got great response from audience too.

Are you satisfied with your role?
Yes I am pretty much. Whatever was told to me on day one, is exactly what we shot and have shown in the film too. So I am quite happy about it :-)

Tell us about the technical aspects of this film?
Murali sir’s camera work is quite nice. Music is getting a very good response and it is done by Joysabatla Rajshekhar Sharma. "Meena..." is one of my favorite songs in the film. It’s a beautiful song and also a visual delight. Story and screenplay was developed by director Raj Kandukuri, and people are appreciating it too.

What is the hardest part of being a celebrity?
Being a celebrity might look attractive to people but it isn't that easy. Apart from your work on-screen that one needs to work on, one has to maintain a good image outside too, as your every action is being observed. Work on your body, looks, clothes, mannerism and also what one speaks. Above all, maintaining a healthy relation with your fans. At times when you are in your worst mood, you still need to put up a nice smile in public and trust me, that's tough, atleast for me it is. Rest it all depends on how one wants to create an impact.

When are you going to start dubbing for your characters?
I am ready. You please ask this question to my directors…lol... Honestly looking forward to dub for myself now. Let's see when that happens.

What are your upcoming films?
My next Telugu film is ‘Reporter’ for which I am still shooting. It is opposite Nandi award winner, Gangaputrulu fame- Ramki garu. Mahesh Kathi is the director. Then in Kannada, my film – ‘Cool Ganesha’ is all set to release soon. In Malayalam - ‘Escape from Uganda’ is my next film, shooting shall start somewhere around June.Then as I mentioned a while ago, few more Telugu films are under discussions. Shall update about them when it’s confirmed :-)

Tashu, thank you very much for your time. I’m sure we will talk again pretty soon.
Thanks a lot for all the love and support :-)

____Radhika Andluri ([email protected])

Updated on April 24, 2020