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Tashu Kaushik Interview


Tashu Kaushik is an upcoming heroine who earlier was seen in films like ‘Raju Maharaju’, ‘Dushasana’, ‘Vaikuntapali’ and ‘Graduate’. She is currently doing ‘Doola Seenu’ and ‘Telugabbayi’ in Telugu, a Malayalam film and a Kannada film. While she was shooting for this Kannada comedy flick ‘Cool Ganesha’ in Bangalore, Ragalahari caught up with the actress and we have an exclusive interview below.

Hello Tashu Kaushik, how are you? How is the weather at Bangalore?
Super weather, best for outdoor location…I am doing great.

Could you please introduce yourself?
I’m a simple north Indian girl, based in Mumbai and currently working in the south.  I’m a person with No confusions in life, clear focus to my career and never give up attitude.

We have heard that you are currently involved with two Telugu projects.  Our viewers are eager to know some details about them.
My first project is ‘Doola Seenu’ opposite Sree for which the director is Raj Kandukuri. This is my first Telugu cinema where I am being shown as a traditional girl, very simple and homely character with loads of performance shades in the character which is very close to my heart.  I am really excited as the Telugu audience will see a different shade of Tashu on screen.  My second project is ‘Telugabbai’ in which I’m playing a professional model, highly practical and career oriented person.  In short, a fast paced today’s girl, Megha.

So you are starring next to young hero Tanish in ‘Telugabbayi’.  What was it like working with him?
Tanish, is a very hard working guy and very comfortable co-actor to work with.  We worked throughout as friends…so the compatibility was really high.  He is totally energetic.  I really have good and great memories of ‘Telugabbai’.

How did you come into films?
Destiny!!! I honestly never planned. I got offers during my college days.

What are your priorities during your free time?
Sleeping and only sleeping.

Can you speak Telugu?
I can, a little bit….konchem.. konchem...

If you are offered multiple films from different genres, which genre would you choose?
It all depends on the script. Mostly powerful character is what I would choose.

You are also working on a Malayalam and a Kannada film right. Tell us about our working experience there. 
Amazing, I think Malayalam industry is highly professional like they are very fast. But when it comes to working style, both Telugu and Malayalam industries are very much similar.

What roles are you playing in the Malayalam film ‘Annum Innum Ennum’ and Kannada film‘Cool Ganesha’?
In AIE – a very independent, Stylish, practical and a bubbly girl character named Ria. ‘Cool Ganesha’ is a comedy film wherein I am playing the role of a daughter of a rich DON.

How do you train yourself for the roles you play?
I just get into the story line and follow the similar way the director visualizes the character. So I get into the skin of the character.

You are now acting in three South Indian languages.  Which of them do you find comfortable for dialogue delivery?
I find Telugu and Kannada easy because both the languages have similar kind of pronunciation; however Malayalam is a tongue twister!!

Would you mind acting in de-glamour roles?
I would love to de-glamour roles.

What is your opinion on glamour?
It’s a very important part in cinema and it is required for one to be successful. But it’s not only the question of requirement for being successful; I personally do not mind playing glamour roles at all. It is also important part of this cinematic journey.

Name one of the directors with whom you are dreaming to work with?
(Smiles)  So many…list goes on….

When did you decide to become an actress?
When God gave me the signal.

Do you like dancing?
I love dancing.  No doubt about it.

Who is your role model?
Aamir Khan

Name your favourite stars in south and in Bollywood?
Bollywood – Kajol, Kareena & Aamir Khan.  South – Anushka, Nagarjuna, Ravi Teja and Prabhas.

Are there any unforgettable experiences in life?
I think I’ve many….some good and some bad…but both have taught me a lot about life.

Name some of your most favorite films.
Kamal Haasan-Sridevi starrer Sadma.

Apart from film stars, is there anyone in real life that has inspired you the most?
My mother.

You are acting in different languages.  Which is your base?
No doubt, it’s Telugu. My grounds are always be grounded to Telugu.

Did you sign any other project?
My next in Telugu is under Ramesh Puppala’s production, which is supposed to start.  Apart from that I’ve one more film in Malayalam.

Ganesh Chaturthi festival is nearing.  Do you celebrate it?  How do you celebrate the festival?
Yes, I do celebrate it every year religiously.  I even visit Lalbaug Ka Raja in Mumbai and take the blessings of Lord Ganesha. It’s the most popular Ganesh Pandals in Mumbai.  Lalbaug Ka Raja is also famous for fulfilling the wishes of its devotees. I love this festival a lot.

Who is your best friend in the film industry?
I have lot of friends. All are good but none of them are my best friends.

Do you have any suggestions for the new comers who are dreaming of coming into films?
I am also a new comer, so no suggestions.  But I would like to give my opinion like this.  Never be scared of hard work and never give up.  Once you set your goals sacrifice everything in your life to achieve that.  This is my personal experience I am talking about.  Once you dedicate yourself for your goals, even God will create the path to reach them.  Always believe in yourself and God…things will happen by itself.

Tashu Kaushik concluded the interview saying, “Thanks to all for supporting me and criticizing me, especially to all those who loved me.  I make sure I never let you guys down.  My special thanks to Ragalahari for promoting me a lot. I really appreciate it. Lots of love!!!”

Updated on April 21, 2020