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I want to do good films, entertain the audience & earn profits for my producers - Maruthi


Maruthi is a trendsetter to small filmmakers. Right from his debut film ‘Ee Rojullo’, his target is only youth audience. He started off his film career as a director with two back-to-back hits, ‘Ee Rojullo’ and ‘Bus Stop’ and turned distributor for another super hit film ‘Prema Katha Chitram’. He also played the role of producer for the recently released film ‘Romance’. Maruthi says that he established his own banner only to encourage the new talent. On the other hand, this crazy filmmaker signed for five big producers. Right now, he is busy filming ‘Kotha Janta’ with Allu Sirish and Regina as lead pair under Geeta Arts banner. On the occasion of his birthday on October 8th, Maruthi gave a media interview. Here are few excerpts:

Have you ever dreamt of career like this?
I got recognition in a very short span of time.  So I’m only trying to maintain my reputation.  There is lot of difference between my past life and present life.  At one point of time I was an office boy and today I grew up to a level of film director who is able to provide employment to several people.  Seven films are under production on my own banner.  Today I’m able to employ 100 people which I call it as God’s gift, my hardwork and the success given by God.  I’m very happy to celebrate my birthday in this manner.  I did ‘Ee Rojullo’ only after learning how not to do certain things.  I studied the industry closely for eight years and went ahead by putting every step carefully.  I do films with lot of fear.  I believe that success is possible only then.  Failure is sure if we develop laziness.  Success and failure is common here.Director Maruthi birthday interview

Do you believe that the name and fame is everlasting?
Many greats have ruled the industry and gone.  So it is not correct to think that we are everlasting in the industry.  According to me we just have to perform our duties sincerely and step out.  I want to do good films, entertain the audience and earn good profits to producers.

How did you get a hold on direction even without working experience?
I was initially in animation field.  I was good at drawing from my childhood. Hence I obtained frame sense.  I did films the way I liked, and they got connected well with the audience.  Hits can’t come in fluke always.  After ‘Ee Rojullo’, several films were made.  There are several films lying in the lab even today.  Out of 8-9 film releases every week, not even a single film is becoming a box-office hit.  Even then small producers are paying to release their films.  So I suggest one should not make films to earn profits going by the success of other films.

Can you suggest some precautionary measures to be taken by small producers?
Everyone has a feeling that their film is great.  However, it’s very important to know if our trailer or poster appears fresh to the audience.  We have to warm up each story.  Those who plan to make a film with Rs 1 cr, should first try and make short films at the cost of Rs 10,00,000/-.  Post ‘Ee Rojullo’, there was release of atleast 200 to 300 films.  If Rs 100 crs were spent on films approximately, the returns would have been only Rs 10 crs and the rest Rs 90 crs went waste.  This is a complete creative field.  So audience’s taste is very important.  Every day they except something new.  If a film like ‘Ee Rojullo’ is made again, they comment openly saying that it’s not necessary.

Now let’s talk about ‘Kotha Janta’.  How is it going to be?
‘Kotha Janta’ is a complete fresh film which is no way connected to my earlier films.  I’m following the concept of complete ban of smoking ad and alcohol in this film.  It’s a wholesome entertainer.  This film on Geeta Arts will certainly maintain the standards of the banner. The story of ‘Kotha Janta’ is about two selfish lovers.  I will not do love stories that make audience emotional.  I’ll maintain the same trend for this film too.  We started this project on August 2nd, which is after 50 days gap of ‘Prema Katha Chitram’.  Aravind garu has given good support.  The second schedule is currently under progress.  When compared to my earlier films, this film is being made with high technical values.  Producer Bunny Vasu is not compromising on anything. I’m very happy to work under Geeta Arts banner for my fourth film.  A director is he who can exhibit his plus points by covering his minus.  I’m associated with Sirish right from my 10th class days.  So I’m doing this film with an idea of to which genre he perfectly fits in.

What plus points do you think you have as a director?
I’m just doing whatever I feel fresh.  ‘Bus Stop’ is the extension to ‘Ee Rojullo’.  However, ‘Prema Katha Chitram’ is a different film and everyone liked it.  We made ‘Romance’ under the same banner we did ‘Ee Rojullo’.  But there was neither profit nor loss for it.  That’s the reason why I opted for ‘Villa’. It completely belongs to a different genre.  I don’t want to go for remake versions.  I’m doing films with my own ideas.

What are your future projects?
All my forthcoming films are with big heroes only.  I’m finding it a bit difficult even to do formal pooja for all films.  So I wish to go straight for regular shooting.  I took advance from five big producers, Bunny Vasu, Bellamkonda Suresh, Radhakrishna, Danayya and Dil Raju.  I’ve been asked to do the remake of ‘Prema Katha Chitram’ in Bollywood.  Aadi Shesharigi Rao garu and UTV together are making plans in a big way. On the other hand, I’m going to release ‘Love You Bangaram’ and ‘Green Signal’ under my production house.  I’m listening to every story as an audience before taking up any project under my production house.

Updated on April 24, 2020