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I'm amazed at the response in B and C centers for Kotha Janta - Maruthi


Sensational filmmaker Maruthi’s latest ‘Kotha Janta’ starring Allu Sirish and Regina Cassendra as lead pair hits cinemas two weeks ago and doing extremely well in all its centers. The film was produced by Bunny Vasu and presented by Allu Aravind on Geeta Arts banner. Celebrating the success Maruthi talks to the media about his magnificent new film ‘Kotha Janta’. According to him, the film is slowly pulling the family audiences to theaters. Infact he says he observed houseful collections in Cinepolis and that there is shortage of theaters. Here are few excerpts:

Tell us little bit about the film ‘Kotha Janta’?
‘Kotha Janta’ is a clean family entertainer on media backdrop that depicts the lifestyle of the media personnel. A newly wedded doctor in Apollo hospital watched this film and messaged me stating that the film is awesome.  Similarly Charan too watched the film and appreciated me. We were good friends from our 10th grade.  Both of us used to watch the film ‘Mrugaraju’.

So have you expected this kind of response pre-release of the film?
I knew that the film would do well in multiplexes.  But I’m amazed at the response in places like Eluru, Tanuku and Tadepalligudam.  Frankly speaking, I never expected that kind of response in ‘B’ and ‘C’ centers.  I’m really happy to note that the audience there too got connected with selfish characters in the film.

How different is ‘Kotha Janta’ when compared to your previous films?
Talking about my previous films, unlike ‘Kotha Janta’, I did ‘Ee Rojullo’ and ‘Bus Stop’ without sufficient money in hand and with lot of confusions in mind whether I’m doing right or wrong, but did them with desperation of delivering hits.  When it comes to ‘Prema Katha Chitram’, I knew that there wouldn’t be great openings.  The mouth talk played key role in the success of that film.

For the first time you have worked for an outside banner, that too for Geeta Arts banner with Allu Sirish as hero. Did you feel any kind of pressure due to that?
No! I never had any kind of pressure since we did this film not with the idea of making it a hit but with the intention of providing a heartwarming film to the audience even if it gets a moderate results.  However, at times films that do not do well at the box-office will attract the audience when screened in television.  Nevertheless ‘Kotha Janta’ started off slow but picked up in the second week.

You are into direction as well as the production. Are you not feeling stressed to handle both?
I was idle for the past 10 years.  So I’m desperate to work more and moving ahead with the same determination.  I would be very happy if my work is providing bread and butter for few more people.

Do you browse websites?
No! I’ve an aversion towards computer. So I keep myself away from the virtual world of computer.  When I joined the Animation course in 1998, I was given a pen, pencil and a paper.  Even today, one will find only those things on my table.  Even if I’m away from facebook and twitter, my friends keep updating me about them.

Looks like you have made some changes in your name some time back.  Do you believe in numerology?
Yes indeed! I do believe in numerology and I too have got some knowledge about it.  Nevertheless I believed in another person whom I thought has got extra knowledge in numerology and followed what he said.  But the poster printed with my new name failed to get published.  So I immediately called him and warned him not to reveal wrong information. And after that I started to follow my mind.

Do you watch your films in theaters?
Yeah!  I watch them on the release day.  I normally don’t go to theaters to watch my films even with my wife.  Why, because I feel very uncomfortable when people leave theaters halfway or talk on cell phones while the film is being screened. It’s very strange for me to feel like a celebrity. But when the mass guys come and request for clicking photos with me, it gives a homely feeling while doing so. Whatever I experience in my real life I try to insert them in my films.

What happened to Sampoornesh?
We shot 2-3 scenes on him but we felt that was suitable to the story. Hence I increased the length of Posani’s character a little more.

How far has the making of ‘Lovers’ reached?
The audio is ready to hit the stand shortly.  We are planning to release the film in June.

What is next for Maruthi?
There was a positive response from Nithin when I narrated a story to him.  I narrated stories to Venkatesh, Naga Chaitanya, Ravi Teja and Sunil.  I’m currently working on 2-3 films.  I’ll start my film with any of these heroes available.  This apart, I’m planning to direct ‘Prema Katha Chitram’ in Hindi.  Some time ago, Charan said that he would help me to remake it in Hindi.  Padmalaya Bangarayya and Reliance decided to team up for this venture. However, we need to wait and see what happens.  I’m pretty happy with the star cast I got.

Updated on April 24, 2020