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Rashmika Mandanna - Interview


Rashmika Mandanna starrer 'Dear Comrade' is all set to release this Friday. The actress is promoting her film. In this chit chat she talks about her film and much more...

What is Dear Comrade all about?
It’s is a realistic story. Dear Comrade is an emotional journey and the youth will surely connect to it. The film has a message and I am sure everyone will love it.

Tell us about your role?
I play the role of a state-level cricket player. It tells us about what happens to a career oriented girl who falls in love. My life in the film takes a huge turn.

How was it being a cricketer?
I knew a little about cricket. But for this role I have learnt the game. Now I am in such a place that I can play cricket in a professional level. My playing cricket is very important for this film.

Did you dub for all the four languages?
I have dubbed only for Kannada and Telugu. Currently I have not starred in many Tamil and Malayalam films. Once I star in many films in these industries I will start dubbing in these languages as well.

You are acting with Mahesh Babu, comment?
I feel that I am very lucky here. Getting to act with Mahesh Babu is something that every actress would love. I am excited. I have worked hard to reach here at this stage of my career.

Updated on April 18, 2020