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Gopichand Interview About Chanakya


'Chanakya' is all set for a release on 5th October and Gopichand exudes confidence over the film. During his interaction with the media, he has spoken about what made the team decide to release the film amidst 'Sye Raa' storm, why he is confident about the film's success and more. Excerpts..

How is 'Chanakya' going to be and how excited are you about its release?

The output of the film has been terrific and we all are very confident that it will be a big success.Though I've acted in quite a few action films so far, 'Chanakya' is my first spy thriller. This film will thrill the audience and keeps them guessing till the last minute. It will reach the expectations for sure.

Do you think action thrillers work during the festive season?
This movie caters to all sections of the audiences. Though it's a spy thriller, it has all the elements to entertain the family audience this festive season. Sunil, Raghu Babu and some other comedians are there to evoke laughs.

How were you injured?
I fell from a bike when we were shooting in Jaipur. It was the last shot for the day and that scene would have been completed if it was done successfully. But I was injured and the film's shoot had been postponed by three months.

Why have you decided to release the film amidst 'Sye Raa' storm?
Initially, we wanted to release the film in May. But because of my injury, the shoot has been delayed and then we decided to release the film during Dussehra season. The release date of 'Sye Raa' was not confirmed then. We haven't changed our plans to release the film during this festive season.

How special is 'Chanakya' for you?
'Chanakya' is definitely a special film for me. It has been done with a lot of sincerity and I'm sure it will be a memorable film in my career.

What are your upcoming films?
I'm currently acting in a movie, produced by BVSN Prasad and will start working on Sampath Nandi's film soon.

Updated on April 18, 2020