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Interview of Lavanya Tripathi about 'A1 Express'


Lavanya Tripathi awaits the release of 'A1 Express' on March 5. In this interview, she talks about her character in the movie, working with Sundeep Kishan, whether she likes to take up web series offers and more.

I was bored of playing girl-next-door roles. I felt lucky when a different film like 'A1 Express' came my way. I heard the narration and loved it totally. The character I have played in this film is close to the real me. She is straightforward, much like the real me.

I get along well with Sundeep Kishan. I had done 'Mayavan' with him before. We had no romantic scenes in that movie. In 'A1 Express', we had got a scope to build chemistry. He is a great co-star to work with and is a very good listener.

Director Dennis is such a positive person. I treat him like a younger brother. On the set, we used to do everything and were not rigid about the division of labour.

I was confident that he can pull off the sports drama. I like sports and it's not it was a new thing for me while training for hockey for this particular movie. I had never played hockey before. I practised whenever I had time. The character requires me to look the part. I was trained by a professional.

I watched a few hockey matches to understand the body language of hockey payers. I like to imitate people as an actor. I enjoyed being a hockey player on set, without wearing make-up.

Because of politics in the field of sports, even talented players don't find a place in the team. There is a relevant message that 'A1 Express' has.

I haven't seen the final output of the film. But while doing the film, I had a strong sense that it was shaping up really well. I want to watch it only on the big screen. Hiphop Tamizha's music is fantastic. When he gives music, he gives 100%. He is very confident about his caliber.

I have to enjoy work when I am on set. I select scripts by this standard. There are characters that involve physical exertion. I enjoy playing such characters. I have a hard-hitting character in 'Chaavu Kaburu Challaga'.

I have got a couple of offers in terms of web series. But I will take up web series only if the characters are really special. I wouldn't mind playing a negative role, which gives scope to bring out your acting skills. I have done about 18 movies and I should no longer do movies that don't give scope for performance.

Updated on February 27, 2021