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Global Tree prepares Australia-Bound Students


“Ghazi Attack” Movie Director Recounts Australian Days

Hyderabad, 21 June, 2017…Every career-minded Indian student, who aspires for a key professional post in the most exalted global organisations, will crave to study abroad.

That is one of the reasons why there is a huge clamour to get an overseas degree. Its inclusion will boost one’s resume like no other.

As everyone is aware, Australian Universities are the new destination for students not only from the sub-continent but from all over Asia.

In order to get an understanding of which universities to apply for and those where the quality of education remains paramount, students seek myriad avenues before finalising the varsity that they deem best for the career they seek to excel in.

In order to cater to such needs and also help address every such doubts that exist among students and their guardians many institutions have been established. It is often noticed that most of them merely share information about the academic requirements.

Having realised that an authenticated all-encompassing information was not available in one go, Global Tree, which is into helping students in various capacities like a friend, philosopher and guide, has entered the picture. It serves as a ready-facilitator by people who know the inside outs of Australian lifestyle.

It is towards this endeavour that Sankalp Reddy, the acclaimed director of Ghazi Attack has been called to address the students as part of the seminar on the eve of their departure to Australia, held in Hyderabad on June 20, Tuesday.

In his motivational speech, Sankalp Reddy, who has been in Australia as a student of Griffith University, brought to the fore the dos and don’ts, and covered aspects like culture, language, food, immigration policies and career opportunities. 

He said it was a matter of pride that demand for overseas studies has been increasing tremendously. If it was 53, 000 students at the turn of third Millennium, today the number is estimated to be in excess of 2.5 lakh.

Established in 2006 by Alapati brothers, Global Tree Consultancy has been winning laurels for the professional meticulousness with which it has been able to spread its wings, each of which is benefitting Indian students across the educational firmament.

Mr Srikar Alapati, the Managing Director of Global Tree, has prepared thousands of students abroad with international certifications.

He explained about the activities Indians have to abide by so that their life in the campus and the country would be comfortable.

Greeting the students for choosing Australia, he explained about how there was a tremendous demand for their degrees and certificates in the global work-place.

He said Global Tree-inspired students were widely accepted everywhere as they would be sound in their knowledge of the country they are to pursue their higher studies.

Most of the students who were present at the seminar were a delighted lot as they said Global Tree had also been there in crucial aspects like foreign exchange, air ticketing and pre-departure and would continue to assist them by way of post-landing support.

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