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Team Nirbandham exposes myths about menstruation

It is rather sad that even as we are in the 21st century, many misconceptions exist with regard to women and most have remained as societal stigmas. This is more glaring when it comes to India, notwithstanding its emergence as a leader on several fronts and across various spectrums, including pioneering achievements by women.

Girls still remain in fear of outdated taboos, which is an unfortunate reality to this day. One in that tragic category pertains to ‘Menstruation Taboo’. Young girls are still caught in conservative and orthodox beliefs that are being passed on by elders.

In order to address the issue and help girls to understand what is purely a natural biological phenomenon, ‘Team Nirbandham’, is taking March 8 as a platform to spread awareness and break myths about menstruation so that young girls can shed their reservations and fears and breathe easy.

What is more perfect a date than March 8, which is celebrated across the globe as International Women’s Day.

In order to reach out to all those staying in the remotest corners, where actually the taboo is more prevalent, ‘Team Nirbandham’ has come up with a soul-stirring song that has been penned in such a moving manner by prominent social activist and lyricist, Ms Gowri Vandana, that everyone will understand the theme and the message, which essentially revolves around the urgent need to end the old customs and remedial measures and the need to use scientific methods to address the issue.

The focal point of the song that has been aptly titled ‘Come n Lets Raise the Voice on Menstruation Taboo’ is the scientific reasoning and how every girl can live without fear of any stigma.

Produced by Mr Subramanyam Edagotti, composed to perfection by Mr CJ Bharath(Music director) , Music mixing by Mr Ghantasala Viswanath , Creative headshot photography by Mr Vajranabh Natraaj Maharshi(mumbai) and sung in a style that will touch every heart by Ms Haripriya, the Awareness Song on Menstruation Taboo will hit the right chords.

Given the value and importance of the awareness campaign ‘Team Nirbandham’ has been able to win the invaluable association of leading NGOs, Voice 4 Girls and PURE Foundation thanks to the whole-hearted involvement of their driving forces Ms Anusha Bharadwaj, Executive Director, and Managing Director Sandhya Gollamudi, respectively.

‘Team Nirbandham’ will remain indebted to all those NGOs and volunteers who have come on board to take the awareness campaign forward by their willingness to take it to the semi-urban areas and interiors and reach out to every girl. Social media is another platform that will be used extensively.

We wish that every male and female will join this campaign and ensure that girls are free from such societal shackles so that they can lead a healthy life.

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