Exclusive Coverage: Cycling CEOs for Active Life-style
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Cycling CEOs for Active Life-style

CyKul – the country’s premier and pioneering cycling promotion company organised ‘Chiefs on a Roll, a CEOs Cycle Ride to promote Active Life-style held on Saturday here in city at Westin Hotel, Madhapur.

It was flagged off by Jayesh Ranjan, Secretary IT, Govt of Telangana and Rohit Tandon, Business Head-Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

This exclusive event saw many CEOs of the city cycling to promote an active lifestyle. The Ride was organised by CyKul in support with Vodafone Business Services and Phoenix Golf Edge, Hartex Rubber, Vie Foods, Omics International.

It was 10kms ride. The Ride began at Hotel Westin, went around various places in and around Madhapur and concluded at Hotel Westin. Some of the participants, include NVS Reddy, MD of Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd; Avinash Mohanty (IPS), DCP Traffic, Cyberabad; Kartikeya, DCP Law and Order, Madhapur; JA Chowdhury, Pradeep Mittal, Chairman, Hyderabad Angels; G Kali Prasad Ernst & Young, Vivek, former MP; Ramesh Loganathan, President HYSEA; Deepa , VP of Satavahana Ispath; Prashanth Bachu of EMBARQ India; Parvathi Sreeram of Invesco; Dr. Srinubabu Gedela, OMICS Intl; Vagish Dixit; Bipin, Pendyala; GV Prasad of Dr. Reddy Labs; Murali Bollu CEO of ZenQ; E. Venkata Narasimha Reddy – Vice Chairman and MD, TSIIC; Narsimha Rao Mannepalli, Senior Vice President of Infosys; Arijit Sarker, Director, India Ops. of Google; Srini Raju, Co-Founder & Chairman of Peepul Capital; Vikram Doshi, Partner at KPMG, India; and many many more.

‘Chiefs on a Roll’ is organized in multiple cities to spread the message of active lifestyle. After successful Chennai and Gurgaon editions, Chiefs on a Roll comes to Hyderabad just two months before its marquee cycling event – Freedom Ride – 2015. The next ride will be held in Bangalroe in September. With India growing to be the cycling destination, the industry leaders are taking an important step to lead the change they want to see.

The main organizer of this event, CyKul’s Founder & CEO, Mr. Deenanath Harapanahalli said, “We are a pioneering sports organization that enjoys a leadership position in bringing back cycling in India. And in our mission to promote cycling and active lifestyle, we have constantly received immense support from the Government and the Corporate Fraternity, and for that I am very grateful.”

Rohit Tandon, Business Head-Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, Vodafone India said “Vodafone is committed to build a world-class telecom infrastructure in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana and at the same time as a value based organisation we believe in core values of health, safety, and well-being of people. In line with this endeavour, we are proud to be associated with CyKul, and its cycling initiatives which encourages communities to adopt cycling for a healthier and active tomorrow”.

On behalf of the event sponsor, Phoenix, the Director of the Phoenix Group, Mr. Satish Chukkapalli said, “As a leading construction company, we are constantly providing solutions for new age infrastructure that contributes to smarter cities. It goes without saying that cycling infrastructure is the next big thing in India and we are glad to support CyKul’s CEO event Chiefs on a Roll which we are sure will promote cycling like never before.”

The ride was followed by a panel discussion on “Making Hyderabad a Cycling Capital”. The panel members include:
Rohit Tandon of Vodafone; Vinitha Datla Head of CII Telangana; Dr. Jayesh Ranjan, CV Anand, Police Commissioner of Police Cyberabad; NVS Reddy. The panel discussion was moderated by Deenanath Harapanahalli.

Speaking on the occasion Rohit Tondon said Hyderabad is the city known for its best cuisine. Once you cherish Hyderabadi Biryani, Qurbanika Mita etc, you need to keep fit. Employees health, safety and wellbeing is the stated policy of the Vodafone. It is part of our culture. Regular Cycling helps you keep fit, he said

Vinitha Datla said for lady to cycle in the city is a harrowing experience. We need to develop cycling infrastructure. My involvement in Cycling brought me back to fitness. I want to become a role model to my children by keeping myself fit. Walk the talk is most important. If CEOs adapt healthy lifestyle, it inspires their team. Cycle to work must be implemented. It will be my dream to see Hyderabad a Cycle friendly city, she said

Speaking on the occasion Jayesh Ranjan said the proposed cycle to work is yet to be kicked off fully. We anticipated that nearly 1000 people cycle to work. But, only 400 employees are cycling to work. This number needs to be improved. Then separate cycle tracks can also be improved. Put first cycles on the road, then we can expect more cycle tracks, he said. Many expect perfect infrastructure, but, that wont be possible until critical mass start using the facilities. So produce critical mass who cycle to work. On companies front, they also need to provide facilities such as shower, change room for those employees who bicycle to their offices. He asked companies to promote cycle clubs in their organizations.

C.V. Anand opined that the infrastructure that is available now is not safe for cycling. People want to cycle to office, but, they have fears about their safety. We will start She-Shuttles-- two private bus services for the benefit of women employees working in the IT corridor. Those will be inaugurated on 29th June by the Transport Minister, he said.

NVS Reddy said cities are built for cars, but, not for the people. Cities must be built for people. Cities must be cycle friendly. Bicycle ride is the best alternative transportation. Hyderabad Metro will have Cycle Stations. All the 63 stations will have cycle stations. We are also keeping sideways for walk at all the metro stations. Each and every station will have Telangana Character, he said.

The participating CEOs asked questions to the panelists at the end of the discussion. Replying to a question about vanishing pavements in the city, NVS Reddy said, Hyderabad Metro will have top class side walks. Also the participants requested to set up a bicycle station at KBR park to help morning walkers indulge in cycling. Prashanth Bachu of EMBARQ India seeking details about alternative ways of transportation, suggested that authorities may think about temporary cycle tracks. For which DCP Traffci Avinash Mohanty and CV Anand responded very positively. They will consider putting up Temporary Cycle Tracks once the initiative “No Car Thursday kicks off in near future.

It is informed that the entire IT Carridor in Madhapur area will observe “NO CAR THURSDAYs . However, these details are yet to be finalized, they informed. One CEO raised his concern about safety of morning walkers who are facing lot of problems in the morning as lot of vehicular traffic violate traffic rules as that was the too early no traffic police are deputed. Responding to his concern CV Anand said, that was true. Moring times lot of accidents are happening and people are also loosing lives. The traffic police are understaffed. We have 1000 traffic junctions to be maintained, but only traffic police are posted at 300 traffic junctions. People normally violate traffic rules when they don’t see traffic constable. Traffic constable manage traffic from 7.30am to 10pm. In between 10pm to 7.30am, is a problem. That is why we have cameras. But, still people violate traffic rules said DCP Traffic Avinash Mohanty. Mohanty informed that they have collected Rs 40crore as fine from traffic rule violators in the last one year. An idea was mooted that whenever vehicle drivers violate traffic rules, e challan must be flashed on their mobile within seconds. Police must use technology to do this. So that people will be cautious, suggested Dilip, a CEO.

Avinash Mohanty observed that if 5% violate, we can do something. If the large number does it, it becomes all the more difficult.

Traffic Volunteers, who are mostly IT employees who have voluntarily helping traffic police to regulate traffic were recognized and given away certificates. Currently there are few hundred volunteers, and we want to increase the number to 1500 very soon informed Deenanath

At the end Jayesh Ranjan administered oath for people to take up cycling. They took oath that they will respect fellow cyclists on the road. They also made to promise that they cycle at least ten times in the next one year. And they promised that they will encourage their peers, staff, friends and family to get on a cycle as a way of life.

About CyKul

CYKUL is a pioneer sports organization with the mission to promote active lifestyle. Its name come from “Cy” for Cycling & “Kul”, Sanskrit for community, thus forming an eminently purposeful symbol & descriptor for our new business of building active cycling communities through 3 award-winning business lines of CYKUL-Stations; CYKUL-Pelotons; & CYKUL-Clinics in India and elsewhere. It goes without a doubt that CyKul is India’s No. 1 cycling company.