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'14th Feb - The Deadline' Short Film Review

July 21, 2014
Ankita Production
Rohit Sahni, Pranali Shah, Bonnya Lahiri Chattopadhay, Ankita Dutta
Amit Datta, Pinku Pattanaik
Amit Datta

Cast: Rohit Sahni, Pranali Shah, Bonnya Lahiri Chattopadhay, Ankita Dutta.
Direction, Cinematography: Amit Datta
Music: Raktim-Sayan
Producer: Amit Datta, Pinku Pattanaik
Duration: 25:14 minutes
Release Date: July 21st 2014

Rohit, Pranali Shah starrer Feb14-The Deadline is a short film under Ankita Production which was directed by Amit Datta and jointly produced by Amit Datta and Pinku Pattanaik.

Story: The film's intention is to show how social networking sites are influencing today's generation. The story, about a teenager Rahul(Rohit Sahni) who has a good heart and promising career faces the most bitter experience in his life due to his mistake.

Review: The team has taken a burning issue and thrown a message to the viewers. Rahul chats with a girl named Sanjana on Facebook and proposes her. At that time she stops chatting with him. With the help of Isha (Pranali Shah) he finds a strange news about Sanjana which should be watched.

Performance: Raktim-Sayan's music with Amit Datta and Swagata Ghosh Roy lyrics are impressive. Though Feb14 is a debut to Amit, he has given his best at direction and Cinematography. Actor Rohit and Pranali Shah made justice to their roles. A watchable flick.

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