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RDX Love Movie Review

October 11, 2019
Happy Movies & CK Cinemas
Paayal Rajput, Tejus, Naresh, Aamani, Nagineedu, Aditya Menon, Tulasi, Aishwarya, Vidyullekha Raman, Mumaith Khan, Chammak Chandra, Satti Pandu, Gemini Suresh, Satya Sri, Zoya, Devi Sree, Sahithi
G Raam Munish
Shankar Bhanu
C Ram Prasad
Prawin Pudi
Bhaskarbhatla & Kittu Vissapragada
Sameera Bharadwaj, Anudeep Dev, Sai Karthik, Priya Mali, Sai Madhav Rella & Yogi sekhar
Ganesh Swamy
Dhani Aelay
Vamsi - Shekar
K Srinivasa Rao
B Ravinder
C Venkateswar Rao
Raja Ramesh
C Kalyan
Shankar Bhanu

'RDX Love', starring Payal Rajput, Tejus Kancharla, Aditya Menon, Naresh among others, has been released. Shankar Bhanu, who won Nandi award for 'Arthanaari', directed this movie and C.Kalyan produced it. Will this film be another hit for Payal after 'RX100' ? Read on to know how the film is.


Alivelu(Payal Rajput) is a social worker. Her aim is to grab the attention of the chief minister (Nagineedu) through her work and meet him one day. She does many(bizarre) things along with her friends to do so. Meanwhile, she meets Sidhu (Tejus), a happy-go-lucky youth. Trouble begins when the hero's father(Aditya Menon), a media baron, tries to eliminate her. Why does Alivelu wants to meet the CM ? Why is the media baron after her ? What sacrifice does she get ready to make in order to reach her aim?


Payal Rajput is a very good actress, but the director hasn't made use of her potential well. She performs well in many scenes, though they are mediocre. Tejus Kancharla is just about ok. Aditya Menon performs well in the role of a wily media baron. Mumaith Khan, Naresh, Tulasi, Aamani and others fit the bill.

Technical aspects

The songs are forgettable. The cinematography is decent and was shot very beautifully. Though the director takes a good point and the story has the potential to be emotional, the screenplay is not interesting. There are many silly and bizarre scenes.

Plus Points

Payal Rajput's glamour
A couple of emotional scenes

Minus Points

Silly & bizarre scenes


'RDX Love' is supposed to be an emotional film and the ideas the lead pair resort to for solving some problems in villages are supposed to hook the audiences. But the ideas turn out to be silly and the screenplay has many dull moments. Payal Rajput's glamour and performance are the highlights of this movie. A couple of emotional scenes are ok. On the whole, 'RDX Love' is a one time watch film.