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Khaidi Movie Review

October 25, 2019
Dream Warrior Pictures, Sri Sathya Sai Arts & Vivekananda Pictures
Karthi, Narain, Ramana, George Maryan, Harish Uthaman, Hareesh Peradi, Malavika Avinash, Dheena, Kanna Ravi, Amzath Khan, Arun Alexander, Lallu, Vatsan Chakravarthy, Udayaraj, Kishore Rajkumar, Deepthi, Monica, Krishnamoorthy, R N R Manohar, Chethan, Arjun Das, Ramana
Sathyan Sooryan
N Satheeskumar
Rakendu Mouli
Praveen Raja
Hariharan & Sachin Sudhakaran (Sync Cinema )
Lorven & Phantom FX
PS Rajendran
24 AM
Sankaran, Balakesavan Shanmugam & Ramesh Vijayaan
Bejoy Arputharaj & Srirengaraj
Aravendraj Baskaran
Sam C S
SR Prakash Babu, SR Prabhu, Tiruppur Vivek
Lokesh Kanagaraj

Karthi has teamed up with Lokesh Kanagaraj of 'Maanagaram' ('Nagaram') fame for the movie 'Khaidi'. Will this movie live up to the hype generated? Here is our take on the film.


A drug gang wants to prove a point by killing the police officers who seize their Rs.840 crores worth cocaine and also lay their hands on the consignment by hook or by crook. With the help of a corrupt police officer, they poison the drink of the cops. An officer named Vijay (Narain) wants to save the cops and prevent the drug gang find the whereabouts of the consignment. For that he takes the help of Dilli (Karthi), a just released prisoner. Though Dilli, who yearns to see his daughter for the first time in his life after serving 10 years sentence, initially refuses, he decides to help the officer. But the road ahead is not easy.


Karthi has nailed it as a father who yearns to meet his daughter. He is good in action sequences as well as in emotional scenes. KPY Dheena provides comic relief (the comedy is situational) amidst the serious proceedings. Narain is good as a sincere police officer.

Technical aspects

The film happens during one night and the cinematographer has done a brilliant job. There are no songs but the background score is an asset for the movie. The biggest asset though is the screenplay. Director Lokesh Kanagaraj takes a small point and weaves a very engaging story around it.

Plus Points

Story & Screenplay
To the point
Technically brilliant

Minus Points

Action sequences seem repetitive


'Khaidi' is to the point and doesn't deviate from the story anywhere with unnecessary songs and episodes. Director Lokesh Kanagaraj brilliantly weaves a story around a small point and keeps the audience engaged throughout. It's a brilliantly written and executed film. The action sequences seem repetitive though. Karthi scores brownie points as an actor. As a father, who yearns to meet his daughter for the first time in his life and a just released prisoner who is bound to help the cops, he is excellent. Technically, the film is brilliant.On the whole, 'Khaidi' ends up as a very engaging thriller with good father-daughter sentiment. It's a must watch.

Rating: 3.25/5