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Kapatadhaari Review

February 19, 2021
Creative Entertainers & Distributors
Sumanth, Nandita Swetha, Nasser, Pooja Kumar, Jayaprakash, Sampath Raj, Suman Ranganath, Vennela Kishore
Hemanth M. Rao
Dr.G. Dhananjayan
Praveen KL
Silva & Keethi Vasan
Vamsi Kaka
S Subramanian
Dr.G. Dhananjayan
Simon K. King
Lalitha Dhananjayan
Pradeep Krishnamoorthy

'Kapatadhaari' has released in theatres this Friday. This is an official remake of a Kannada film that actor Sumanth has opined is part of a new wave in Sandalwood. Expectations from crime dramas are not high from the mass audience. But the discerning ones take them seriously. What does this film have in store? Let's take a look in this review.


As a traffic cop doing a boring job, Gautham (Sumanth) wants to find a spot in the crime department. He chances upon the skeletal remains of a family while on duty. The family is believed to have been murdered. Since one of the victims is a 10-year-old girl, Gautham is moved.

He comes to know that the incident pertains to 1977. It's up to him, GK (Jayaprakash as a crime reporter) and a retired SI Ranjith Kumar (Nasser) to solve the mystery. They may have to confront a powerful force in this.


Sumanth takes some time to ease into the character. He looks somewhat older for the role. Jayaprakash and Nasser deliver superb acts. Sampath Maitreya is another able performer. Nandita Swetha and Vennela Kishore are wasted in the roles of Jayaprakash's daughter and the male lead's colleague, respectively.

Technical aspects

Simon K King's music elevates even ordinary scenes. The score is momentous and consistently follows the story. Rasamathi's cinematography passes muster. The film has got a decent technical crew on board, given that the producers made it in two languages simultaneously (Telugu and Tamil). Praveen KL's editing could have been way better. Some of the scenes are a drag.


Right from the time Sumanth's character gets interested in the mystery behind the killings of an unknown family, 'Kapatadhaari' starts looking forced at one too many places. There is just no forceful reason for him to take up a four-decades-old case, that too emotionally.

The investigation scenes happen without characteristic tension-inducing moments. The first half pans out like this before ending with the murder of a film actress.

The second half, however, presents an interesting stretch involving a wily character and his ugly past. There is a dirty secret in his life and it's narrated well in a visual form.

The film would have been way better had the climax been flawless. There are emotional moments involving not only Sumanth's character but also that of Jayaprakash and Nasser. However, logic is thrown to the winds when we see a political biggie getting in a bind so easily.

Closing Remarks

The investigative drama has its share of loopholes in terms of how the central character stumbles upon clues and solves a mystery.

Critic's Rating