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Malayalam super hit film Khayyam as Ragile Kasi in Telugu

Malayalam film ‘Khayyam’ which was directed by young director Anil has become the blockbuster film with houseful collections even in the 10th week. G Satyanarayana who presented ‘Dhopidi’ in the past is now bringing this movie to the Telugu audience under Abhi Pictures banner. The film titled ‘Ragile Kasi’ is going to be remade in Telugu.

Distributor cum producer B Satyanarayana said, “After ‘Dhopidi’, we are presenting this Malayalam super hit film ‘Khayyam’ as ‘Ragile Kasi’ in Telugu. ‘Ragile Kasi’ is about an innocent girl whose husband is a cheat. How will she react after coming to know the true color of her husband is the film all about. The film was made in aptly suitable locations in a very impressive manner. Right now the dubbing process in Telugu is going one. We are planning to release the film in June.”

Swetha Menon of ‘Kamasutra’ fame played the title role. Others in the film are Manoj K Jayen, Bala, Aparna, etc.

Dialogues: Rajasekhar Reddy; music: Mohan Sitara; cinematography: Sataat Sada; Fights: Run Ravi; Executive Production: Attili Ravi Babu; Presenter: Smt B N L Rajeswari; Producer: B Satyanarayana; Story, screenplay & direction: Anil.